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Śliwowica łącka (literally śliwowica from Łącko) is a plum brandy made traditionally in the region of Łącko in Lesser Poland.

Distilled at least since 17th century, the brandy contains usually between 70 and 80 per cent of pure alcohol. As the lands around Łącko are rich in fruits, "virtually every farmer is known to distil his own brand".[1] Altogether some 300 farmers produce approximately 15 thousand litres of śliwowica a year.[1]

In Poland it is a well-recognised brand and it also gained much fame abroad.[1] However, as producing alcohol outside of established industrial distilleries is illegal in Poland, so is the Śliwowica łącka.[1] Numerous social organisations have been campaigning to have this law changed, so far unsuccessfully.[1] A "Fruit-harvesting Festival" celebrating the Śliwowica is held yearly in Łącko.[1]


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