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The Sparta Battalion (Russian: батальон «Спарта») is a militia of the Donetsk People's Republic which was led by the Russian born Arsen Pavlov ("Motorola"). The battalion took part in the Battle of Ilovaisk and Second Battle of Donetsk Airport.[1][2]

Sparta Battalion
Батальон «Спарта»
SSI of the Sparta Battalion.svg
Service sleeve insignia of the Sparta Battalion
Flag of the Sparta Battalion.svg
Flag of the Sparta Battalion
ActiveSummer 2014 – present
Allegiance Donetsk People's Republic
RoleSpecial Forces
Sizeabout 1,000 troops
Part of United Armed Forces of Novorossiya
Nickname(s)Motorola's Division
EngagementsWar in Donbass
Vladimir Zhoga

Arseny Pavlov  
Soldiers of the Sparta Battalion during the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport

After Pavlov's assassination, the commander became Vladimir Zhoga (callsign "Voha"), a DPR fighter from Sloviansk.[3]

Though never officially confirmed, the name and symbol of the battalion, seem to have been taken as reference of the fictional "Spartan Order" of the Metro universe sci-fiction series by Dmitry Glukhovsky.



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