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Zuhrah ibn Kilab ibn Murrah (Arabic: زهيرة بن كلاب بن مُرة‎) was the great-grandfather of Aminah bint Wahb, and was thus the great-great-grandfather of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was also the progenitor of the Banu Zuhrah clan[1] of the Quraysh tribe in Mecca.[2]

Zuhair ibn Kilab
Known forAncestor of Muhammad
ChildrenAbd Manaf ibn Zuhrah (son)
Parent(s)Kilab ibn Murrah (father)
Fatimah bint Sa'd (mother)
RelativesQusai ibn Kilab (brother)
Abd Manaf ibn Qusai (nephew)
Abd-al-Dar ibn Qusai (nephew)


Zuhrah's father was Kilab ibn Murrah, a descendant of Ibrahim (Abraham) through his son Ismail (Ishmael). His younger brother Qusai ibn Kilab became the first Quraysh custodian of the Ka'bah. After his father's death his mother Fatimah bint Sa'd married Rabi'ah ibn Haram from the Bani Azra tribe.

His younger brother, Qusai ibn Kilab, became the first Quraysh custodian of the Ka'aba and brought those of Quraysh who were his nearest of kin and settled them in the Meccan valley besides the Sanctuary. Which included him, his uncle Taym ibn Murrah, the son of another uncle Makhzum ibn Yaqazah, and his other cousins Jumah and Sahm who were less close.[3][4]

During the apparent quarrels of his nephews 'Abd Manaf and 'Abd ad-Dar, after Qusai had invested 'Abd ad-Dar with all his rights, powers, and transferred the ownership of the House of Assembly shortly before his death,[5] Zuhrah supported 'Abd Manaf in contesting 'Abd ad-Dar's inheritance.[4]

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