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Zu Online was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Chinese studio IGG currently taking place in the fictional universe of Zu.

Zu Online 2
Developer(s) IGG
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release 2008
Genre(s) Fantasy; Massively multiplayer online role-playing game



Zu is a mythical mountain range in Sichuan, China, which legends describe as home to immortals with amazing powers. In the past, a war broke out between the good immortals and the evil demons. It started when Blood Demon, the leader of the evil forces, led the demon assault on Zu. In the middle of the war, a relic known as Oracle Rock was created with the Heavenly Scripture inscribed on its surface that held the secret to stop the Blood Demon. The immortal clans hurried to the Oracle Rock, but Blood Demon and his followers ambushed them. A battle ensued, and the Oracle Rock itself was smashed into many shards and scattered all over the Zu world.[1]

The game starts 10 years after the battle at Oracle Rock, with the players entering Zu as one of the Five Clans of Zu to continue the battle against Blood Demon and the evil demons. The world of Zu is slowly showing effects of corruption by Uruia; one of the greatest Swordsman.


There are 5 character classes to choose from: Bead Fairy, Moon Maiden, Summoner, Sun Warrior, and Swordsman.[2] Players can have up to five characters per account, and access to a wide range of skills[3] between the five classes. Players are able to join one of the 3 factions: Tai, Wu and Xun.[4] The factions are hostile to each other, and players can fight with other players from the opposing factions.[5]Zu Online offers different types of quests. Each quest gives rewards to the player. The quest system features quests with clear goal directions, showing progress in the Quest Log.

Players can join guilds[6] and compete for areas (pillars) that are unoccupied, only during area of occupation time, or start a war to capture pillars occupied by other guilds from the same faction. The victorious players receive experience and "bone" (currency in zu). Other currency in zu include gold, silver, and shell. Also, if a guild has captured pillars, players in that guild obtain afk experience.

Players can get a starting pet from a level zero quest. They are then able to equip a pet by right clicking it in their inventory (backpack). There is no level requirement for equipping a pet. The pets can be ridden by the player when the pet reaches level 30. A pet's level can not exceed the level of the player. The pet's appearance may be changed by the player with a pet viscera.[7]

There are NPCs offering automated flights between regions.[8] The players may also fly themselves using "Auto-Fly" skill.[9]

Every day, there are events are held that players can join, limited by each event's level requirements. The events offer rewards in form of experience and items.[10]


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