Zmanda Inc. is an Open Source and Cloud backup software company. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States. In partnership with open source companies such as Sun[1] and MySQL,[2] the company contributes to many open source projects. Zmanda was acquired by BETSOL on Feb 27, 2018

Private Company
IndustryOpen source backup
Key people
Ashok Reddy, CEO
ProductsAmanda Enterprise Edition
Zmanda Recovery Manager
Zmanda Cloud Backup

Open source projectsEdit

Zmanda develops and maintains the popular open source backup tools AMANDA[3] and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL. It was named one of MySQL Partners of the Year[4] in the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008 event.[5] Zmanda is also the main sponsor of the open source ZCloud API[6] which aims to enable any backup software vendor to seamlessly integrate its software with different public and private storage clouds.[7]

Business modelEdit

Like many open source firms, Zmanda generates revenue by selling products built on the open source codebase as well as by providing services and support to those customers who buy these products.[8] Zmanda offers an annual subscription fee model similar to those pioneered by open source leaders Red Hat and MySQL.

Zmanda also sells a closed source backup product, Zmanda Cloud Backup, an online backup tool.

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