Zincirli Madrasa

Zincirli Madrasa (Ukrainian: Зинджирли-медресе; Медресе Ланцюгів,[2] Crimean Tatar: Zıncırlı medrese) is a madrasa, built of stone by Meñli I Giray in 1500 near Bakhchisarai, Crimea.

Zincirli Madrasa
RegionBakhchysarai Raion
StateTerritory of Ukraine, occupied by Russia[1]
Geographic coordinates44°44′52″N 33°54′28″E / 44.74778°N 33.90778°E / 44.74778; 33.90778
FounderMeñli I Giray


Zincirli Madrasa was established in 1500 by Khan Meñli I Giray. It was a traditional Islamic school of higher learning and served generations of students until 1917, when it was turned into a medical school by the Bolshevik authorities. In 1939, the complex of buildings surrounding the Zincirli Madrasa became a mental hospital. After the return to their homeland, Crimean Tatars were able to gain control of the historic madrasa building.[3]

The lost grave of Ismail Bey Gaspirali also lies within the madrasa compound and is represented by a symbolic grave marker. The madrasa takes its name from the large chain (zincir) that hangs over the entrance door.


  1. ^ This place is located on the Crimean peninsula, which is internationally recognized as part of Ukraine, but since 2014 under Russian occupation. According to the administrative-territorial division of Ukraine, there are the Ukrainian divisions (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city with special status of Sevastopol) located on the peninsula. Russia claims these as federal subjects of the Russian Federation (the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol).
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