Zhu Yizun (Chinese: 朱彝尊; pinyin: Zhū Yízūn; Wade–Giles: Chu I-tsun; 1629–1709) was an author and poet during the Qing dynasty. In his early literary career, Zhu was recognized for his talent and helped by Gong Dingzi.[1] Zhu became the founder of the Zhexi school of ci poetry (song lyrics). Zhu Yizun was particularly influenced in this regard by the work of the Southern Song ci of Jiang Kui and Zhang Yan.

Portrait by Zhu Henian


Among other works, Zhu Yizun's Jingzhiju qinqu collection of ci (song lyric) poetry survives. The Jingzhiju qinqu describes his illicit love for his younger sister-in-law, Shouchang. It has been considered to be an important mile-stone in the development of the yan style of ci (豔詞).


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