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Zhengzhou–Xinzheng Airport intercity railway

Zhengzhou–Xinzheng Airport intercity railway (Chinese: 郑机城际铁路) is a regional higher-speed railway in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. The railway provides Zhengzhou city center fast train connections with Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. It is a component of the larger Central Plain Metropolitan Intercity Rail network. With the opening of the railway, it takes only 19 mins from Zhengzhou East railway station to Xinzheng Airport.[1]

Zhengzhou–Xinzheng Airport intercity railway
CRH6A-0423 leaving Nancao (20180223124038).jpg
A CRH6A EMU running on the line
SystemCentral Plains MIR
TerminiZhengzhou East
Xinzheng Airport
Opened31 December 2015[1]
OwnerChina Railway
Operator(s)China Railway CR Zhengzhou
Rolling stockCRH2A (former)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Operating speed200 km/h (124 mph)
Route map

Jingguangshengang HSR Up arrow to Beijing West
Xulan HSR Right arrow to Xuzhou East
 ZK  Right arrow to Songchenglu
 5  (U/C) Left arrow Outer loop to Huanghelu
Zhengzhou East  1   5   8  Bus interchange Zhengzhou BRT Route B5
Left arrow to Henan University of Technology
to New Campus of Henan University Right arrow
 5  (U/C) Left arrow Inner loop to Nanwulibao
Xulan HSR Left arrow to Lanzhou West
Jingguangshengang HSR Down arrow to West Kowloon
 17  Up arrow to Jinjuwujie
Gangqu North (Unopened)
 Chengjiao  Left arrow to Nansihuan/Liuzhuang
Xinzheng Airport  Chengjiao   17  Bus interchange
 17  Left arrow to Xuchang East
Terminal 3
Airport East
Zhengwan HSR/Zhenghe HSR Up arrow to Zhengzhou East
Zhengzhou South  Chengjiao 
Zhengwan HSR/Zhenghe HSR Down arrow to Wanzhou North/Hefei South
Zhengzhou–Xinzheng Airport intercity railway is indicated by the purple line


There are four stations along the railway, of which Nancao and Mengzhuang are out of service for now.

Station name Connections Location
English Chinese
ZAF Zhengzhou East 郑州东    1   5  Jinshui
NEF Nancao 南曹 Guancheng
MZF Mengzhuang 孟庄    Chengjiao  (adjacent station - Gangqu North) Xinzheng
EZF Xinzheng Airport 新郑机场    Chengjiao  (adjacent station - Xinzheng International Airport) Xinzheng

Rolling stockEdit

CRH2A EMUs had been used for service in the initial operation stage. From February 2018, new CRH6A EMUs have replaced CRH2As for service. [2]

Future developmentEdit

The extension project is under construction to extend this line from Xinzheng Airport to the proposed new high-speed railway hub Zhengzhou South railway station, which is about 6 km (3.7 mi) to the east of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.


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