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Zheng Chunhua (born 1959) is a Chinese writer best known for writing children's literature.[1] She is noted for her book Big Head Son and Small Head Dad, which was a besteller among children's literature, and the adapted animation with the same name, released in 1995, was also a big hit.[2]

Zheng Chunhua
Born 1959 (age 58–59)
Chun'an County, Zhejiang
Occupation Writer
Language Chinese
Nationality Chinese
Alma mater Lu Xun Literary Institute
Nanjing University
Period 1980 - present
Subject Children's literature
Notable works Big Head Son and Small Head Dad
Children A son and a daughter
Relatives Zheng Chengyi (father)
Zheng Chunhua
Traditional Chinese 鄭春華
Simplified Chinese 郑春华



Zheng was born into a Hui people family, in Chun'an County, Zhejiang in 1959. After high school, she worked in a farm and soon became a nursery governess in 1979, after the Culture Revolution. Zheng started to publish works in 1980.[3] That same year, her poem, Little Bed, won first prize at the Shanghai Youth Poetry Creation Contest. In 1981, she was assigned to Shanghai Adolescence and Children Press as an editor. Her noted book, Big Head Son and Small Head Dad, was published in 1990, and has been adapted for animation with the same name in 1995.[4]


  • Big Head Son and Small Head Dad (《大头儿子小头爸爸》)
  • Not Square Not Round (《不是方的,不是圆的》)
  • Adventures of the Postman (《邮递员叔叔的奇遇》)
  • A Family Photo (《一张全家福》)
  • Father Living on the Other Bank (《住在对岸的爸爸》)
  • Kelakela Bed (《克拉克拉的床》)
  • Moon Cakes for Family Get-togethers (《团团圆圆吃月饼》)
  • The Most Delicious Green Dumplings (《最好吃的青团》)
  • Who Is More Formidable (《到底谁厉害》)
  • The Special Boy Ma Mingjia (《非常小子马鸣加》)
  • Rice Porridge Under the Eaves (《屋檐下的腊八粥》)
  • Little Biscuit and Apron Mom (《小饼干和围裙妈妈》)


One of her works has been adapted for animation:

  • Big Head Son and Small Head Dad (1995)

Awards and CommendationsEdit

Personal lifeEdit

Zheng has two children, a son and a daughter.


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