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Zhang Jindong (born March 1963),[4] is a Chinese entrepreneur. He is one the founder and current largest shareholder of the Suning Commerce Group, headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He also owned 100% stake in Suning Holdings Group, 65% stake in Suning Real Estate[5] as well as 48.1% stake in Suning Appliance Group as the second largest shareholder.

Zhang Jindong
Born 1963 (age 54–55)
Anhui, China
Alma mater Nanjing Normal University
Occupation Entrepreneur, politician
Known for
Net worth
Increase US$5.4 billion (2018 Forbes list)[1][2]
Board member of
Children Steven Zhang (Zhang Kangyang)
Member of the 10th National Committee of the CPPCC for All-China Youth Federation
In office
March 2003 – March 2008
Member of the 11th National Committee of the CPPCC for ACFIC
In office
March 2008 – March 2013
Member of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC for ACFIC
Assumed office
March 2013
Member of the 11th Jiangsu People's Congress for Nanjing[3]
In office
Personal details
Other political
Zhang Jindong
Simplified Chinese 张近东
Traditional Chinese 張近東

He was also the managing director and general manager of Suning Holdings Group, chairman of Suning Commerce Group.



Zhang Jindong was born in Anhui Province in 1963. He graduated from the Nanjing Normal University and studied Chinese literature.

Zhang Jindong together with his older brother Zhang Guiping (Chinese: 张桂平) opened a shop on Ninghai Road (Chinese: 宁海路) corner Jiangsu Road in Nanjing, selling air conditioning and related products in 1990.[6] The brand Suning came from choosing one word each from Jiang-su and Ning-hai; the roads themselves were named after the city and province of the same name. Later Zhang Guiping exited the business and shifted into real estate, now known as Suning Universal. Zhang Jindong did however, also start his own real estate company Suning Real Estate some time later.

Zhang Jindong further developed his small shop into a giant business group - the Suning Group, in the space of only 15 years. He also founded and co-founded Suning Holdings Group and Suning Appliance Group respectively, as unlisted portions of his business empire, leaving Suning Commerce Group as the only listing company. In 2013's Hurun Report's China Rich List, Zhang was ranked No.9 with $6.4 billion.[7] Zhang Jindong was ranked 28th in 2015 Forbes's China Rich List.[1]

He was also elected to the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a senior governmental body.[6] He was a member of the Provincial People's Congress (zh), but not a member of the National People's Congress.

On 6 June 2016 Zhang Jindong, via his own private holding company Suning Holdings Group, signed a contract to purchase the majority stake in Italian football club Inter Milan, by purchasing existing shares and through recapitalization.[8][9] The deal was approved by the extraordinary general meeting on 28 June 2016, which after the deal, Suning Holdings Group owned 68.55% shares.[10]

Personal lifeEdit

He is the father of Zhang Kangyang (Steven)[11] who is a member of the board of directors of Inter Milan; Zhang Jindong is not himself a member of the board.[12] Steven personally owns 10% stake in Suning Real Estate, one of the companies within his father's business empire.

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