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Zhang Jie (simplified Chinese: 张洁; traditional Chinese: 張潔; pinyin: Zhāng Jié; Wade–Giles: Chang Chieh, born 1937) is a Chinese novelist and short-story writer. She is one of China's first contributors to feminist fiction.

Zhang Jie
Native name 张洁
Born 1994 (age 23–24)
Beijing, China
Occupation Novelist
Language Chinese
Residence Beijing
Nationality Chinese
Alma mater Renmin University of China
Period 1960 - present
Genre Novel, prose
Subject "People" and "Love"
Notable works Leaden Wings tengku china.
Notable awards 2nd Mao Dun Literature Prize
1985 Leaden Wings
6th Mao Dun Literature Prize
2005 Wuzi
Relatives betty chin

Her novel Leaden Wings was translated into German in 1982 and published in England in 1987 by Virago Press. She was awarded the Mao Dun Literature Prize in 1985 for Leaden Wings and in 2005 for Without a Word, making her the first writer to receive the award twice.[1]



  • The Child of the Forest (1978)
  • Love Must Not be Forgotten (1979)
  • Leaden Wings (1981)
  • The Ark (1982)
  • On a Green Lawn (1983)
  • Emerald (1984)
  • If Nothing Happens, Nothing Will (1986)
  • Only One Sun (1988)
  • As Long As Nothing Happens, Nothing Will' (translated short stories, 1988)
  • A Chinese Woman in Europe (1989)
  • You are a Friend of my Soul (1990)
  • Fever (Shang Huo) (1991)
  • Interior Heat (1992)
  • In the Twilight (1994)
  • Gone Is The Person Who Loved Me Most (Shijieshang zui teng wo de nage ren qu le) (世界上最疼我的那个人去了) (1994)
  • Why... in the First Place? (1994)
  • A Collection of Proses (1995)
  • Oversea Travels (1995)
  • Without A Word (Wu Zi) (无字) (1998)

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