Zhang Jie (voice actor)

Zhang Jie (又名阿杰, born November 27, 1978), also known as Jet and Ketsu, is a mainland Chinese voice actor.

Because he and Bian Jiang, and two female voice actors, Qiao Shiyu and Ji Guanlin, have combined to be the voices of many popular TV dramas, the citizens have joked that Chinese TV dramas are all four of them falling in love.[1]


Film and television workEdit

TV showsEdit

  • Love Law Kim Jong-ho (Jin Zhengxun)
  • Prelude of Lotus Lantern (Yu Jia)
  • Peacock Flying Southeast Jiao Zhongqing (Pan Yueming)
  • The Firmament of The Pleiades Shun Gui (Zhou Chun ornaments), Lan Qin (Li Yanming ornaments), Chen Lianyuan
  • Golden Taipan Sheng Yueru (Zhou Yimin)
  • The Sharpshooter Director Liu (Jiang Changyi)
  • Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law (高昊)
  • Spring Glory Pig Nine Sisters Fest / Fei Ge (Liu Xiaofeng)
  • Spell of the Fragrance Xiang Haoze (Gao Wei Decoration)
  • It's better to dance Luo Peng (Zhong Hanliang)
  • Too Late to Say Loving You Murong Yu (Zhong Hanliang)
  • Beauty's Rival in Palace (Luo Jin) Nie Feng (Huang Haibing)
  • Pretty Maid Xiao Qingyu (Chen Sicheng)
  • Men's Beauty 2 Zhang Weiqi (An Qi Xuan)
  • Emperor of the "Angry Sea Ambition" (also known as the sea vying, big voyage II)
  • Tibetan Heart Zhou Tianyi (Luo Jin ornaments)
  • Empresses in the Palace Wen Shichu (Zhang Xiaolong)
  • Journey to the West (Zhang Jizhong version) Wuji Guotaizi
  • Sealed with a Kiss Mu Zhenfei (Zhao Chulun)
  • The Heaven and Earth Marriage Seven Fairies Fire Dragon / Shen Rui (Zhao Hongfei)
  • Love Wakes Up Ji Rufeng (Xu Zhengyi)
  • All Men Are Brothers Hua Rong (Zhang Di ornaments)
  • Beauty World Ming Chongzhen / Mingyi (Mingdao Decoration)
  • My Daughter Yan Liheng (Xu Zhengyi)
  • Palace Yin Reng (cases Fengyan ornaments) 14 princes Yin Chen (Mao Zijun ornaments)
  • Melody of Youth Wang Yuhang (Gu Juji)
  • Desperate Love Yonghe (Tian Jiada)
  • The Most Beautiful Time Lu Licheng (Zhong Hanliang)
  • The Magic Blade Fu Hongxue (Zhong Hanliang)
  • Ia Ia, I Do Xie Chaoqun (Xu Yue)
  • Fairytale Jing Wei (Zhu Wei)
  • Women of the Tang Dynasty Li Longji (Li Chengyu)
  • Allure Snow Hang Jingfeng (Gao Wei Decoration)
  • Dear, Go Home An Yakang (Luo Dahua)
  • A Beauty in Troubled Times He Tian (Chen Jianfeng)
  • Bounty Hunter An Hi Yuan (Qian Yongchen)
  • A Touch Yang Muchu (Zhong Hanliang)
  • Palace II Li Wei (Wang Yang ornaments)
  • Lu Yan Legend Gao Zhan (Chen Xiao ornaments)
  • Catch the Fish Legend exhibition style / Zhao Duan (Ding Zijun)
  • Flower is not foggy and non-fog Qi Fei (Zhang Rui ornaments)
  • The Dream Liuwen Zhao (Wang Yang ornaments)
  • 古剑奇谭 Baili Tusu (Li Yifeng)
  • Four young names is ruthless (Yang Yang ornaments)
  • 琅琊榜 listed in the battle of Ying (Zhang Yujian) Zhuo Qingyao (Jie Jie ornaments)
  • I never thought of the third season Wu Qiling (Li Yuan ornaments)
  • New Border Town Prodigal Son Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong)
  • Old Nine Gates Qi Tiezui (Ying Yu)
  • Su dyeing and chasing husband Xiao Muchen (Teng Fei ornaments)
  • Flying Knife and Flying Knife Li Zheng (Huang Ming ornaments)
  • Qing Yunzhi Zhang Xiaofan, Ghost Li (Li Yifeng)
  • Kyushu Sky City Wind Blade (Zhao Jian)
  • Boiled Women's Detective Mao Ruyi (Jia Nailiang)
  • Taiji Master Taiji Gate Chen Rufeng (Ying Yi)
  • Lonely Empty Court Spring Desire Chang Qing (Zhang Xiaochen)
  • Beauty for the stuffing Xu Sibai (Li Geng)
  • School Flower Prequel: Very Pure and Ambiguous Li Boliang (Chen Bairong)
  • Eternal Love Donghua Emperor (Gao Weiguang)
  • The Glory of Tang Dynasty (Ren Jialun)
  • Please! Don't black me! Blue One Whale (Huang Yuqi)
  • Lost Love in Times Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao)"
  • Soul Street Cao Yubing (Wang Dongcheng)
  • Tong Tian Di Ren Jie (Ren Jialun)
  • The Legend of the Phoenix of Heaven , Gu Qinghong (Zhang Xiaolong)
  • Guo Shi Wushuang Huang Feihong Ai Xinjue Luo · Zai Yu (Jing Chao)
  • The moment of the heart Yao Yiming (Li Xiangtai)


  • Case Closed, theatrical version of Detective Conan, "The Sunflower of the Fire" Kudo Shinichi, Kaitou Kid
  • 《风花仙子传传》 Yang Han Lin
  • Detective Conan Theatrical Edition "15 minutes of silence" Kudo Shinichi, Ryuhara Winter Horse
  • Fox Demon Little Matchmaker
  • The first animated MV of Kamon's Seven Poems : Sai Ann
  • 《侠岚》(千钧)
  • Star Travel (Harley's predecessor Miron is currently Mirona)
  • Confucius (Children's Channel)
  • Dragon Billiards (Fan Hai Lan)
  • Garfield 's happy life (mainland release version)
  • Han and Han Dynasties (Zhang Wei)
  • Magic Detective (Huo Xing, Dorothy)
  • Four Eyes Chicken (Little Chicken) CCTV6
  • Green Fruit Campus
  • Detective Conan Theatrical Edition "The Dark Tracker " (Kudo Shinichi)
  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Zhao Yun , Wei Yan , Li Su , Liu Zen, etc.)
  • Frog Guns DVD Edition (GIRORO)
  • Lightning Dog public version
  • Disney Animation " Peter Pan " Movie Channel (Peter Pan)
  • 憨八龟 (百丈跳)
  • Funny Collection Club (Luo Zhongtian)
  • Robotech Shadow Chronicles · DVD edition
  • Wonderful immortal child movie channel
  • Horton and Anonymous DVD Edition
  • Little War Elephant (public version), etc.
  • 100,000 Jokes The End of the World
  • The King's Avatar - 全職高手 (YeXiu/YeQiu)
  • My master's brother has a pit in his mind
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi / Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation - 魔道祖师 (Wei WuXian/WeiYing, Mo XuanYu)


  • Moore Manor Ice Age Nick
  • Narrator of Paris Baby
  • The One Hundred Thousand Fires (Karachok Pan)
  • Raisins under the Sun (CCTV-6)
  • FireWire, Zhong Lang (Zhong Hanliang)
  • Let's get married (CCTV-6)
  • Spicy Baby (Neil) (CCTV-6)
  • Cinderella (CCTV-6)
  • High School Musical 3 (CCTV-6)
  • Stolen Days (CCTV-6)
  • Alice in Wonderland (sea Mississippi)
  • Extreme Space (珈罗瓦/阿雷胡·苏拉斯饰)
  • Life Remote Control (Mike Newman / Adam Sandler
  • Terminator 4 (Karl Rees / Blair Williams)
  • The Rise of the Special Forces Cobra (White Ghost / Lee Byung Hun, Cobra Commander)
  • Fengyun 2 (Desperate / Nicholas Tse)
  • The Last Road Thunder (Argonne)
  • 2012 (Indian scientist, Lama, etc.)
  • Action Target Hitler
  • Lonely Man
  • Transformers
  • Australian chaos
  • Max Payne DVD
  • Gone with the Wind (Ashley) DVD
  • One Ball of Fame 2 DVD
  • Angels & Demons DVD
  • King of the Kings (Jack - Jude Law)
  • Renewed Beauty (Alix - Robert Downey Jr.)
  • Hot Cow Beauty (CCTV-6)
  • Dream Flower (Satie) (CCTV-6)
  • Angel's Egg (a gunshot too - played by the city's original monk) (CCTV-6)
  • The big return of the game (small spot) 2005 movie channel broadcast
  • Carpenter's Story (Charles)
  • Brave Bollywood
  • Love Pizza (Joy) (CCTV-6)
  • Elizabeth Town (CCTV-6)
  • Atlantis Empire (CCTV-6)
  • The Sword (CCTV-6)
  • Wild Nature (CCTV-6)
  • The Adventures of the Heroes (CCTV-6)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 preview version
  • Luo Jialun (Wang Lihong)
  • Moore Manor Sea Monster Treasure Ruiqi
  • 100,000 cold jokes (movie) protagonist of the end of the world
  • Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer (Kudou Shinichi)(Chinese mainland editor)


  • The First Chaos in History (Beijing Art and Culture Broadcasting FM87.6, 22:30 every night, "Broadcast Theater")
  • Those Things in the Ming Dynasty (Beijing Art and Culture Broadcasting FM87.6)
  • Talking the World (Beijing Art Broadcasting FM87.6, 22:00 every night)

Online gamesEdit

  • Glorious Zhen·Three Kingdoms Warriors OL (Zhuge Liang , Cao Yu)
  • Japan Glory Three Kingdoms OL (Zhuge Liang)
  • Warhammer ol (dark elf)
  • Yin and Yang system sound
  • Love and Producer
  • 《江湖大梦》 胡铁花
  • Chu Liuxiang Hu Tiehua
  • For All Time

Webcast dramaEdit

  • Yin and Yang Shijiao
  • Matsuda of "Chao Wen Dao"
  • Kyle of "After the Stage"
  • The Three Eagles of "A Gathering Together"
  • The martial art of "FAinRO"
  • Juvenile notice narration
  • 驿路 North End
  • Don't Die news anchor
  • The supply of "eight unicorns"
  • Tang Wei in The Peach Blossoms
  • Kite Legend preview narration
  • The son of "The Man of the Mountain"
  • Shadow Director of Westerly Radio
  • Don't let him receive the letter Father
  • Step by step startling of the eight brothers 1, 2, unfinished
  • Luping 1-15 of Crossing Destiny Cross
  • Death Note night God's notice, one end
  • Raslin's preview of "The Apple of Sodom", 2 words, unfinished
  • Father Yasen Garda of "The Sacrifice of Dionysus" 1-7 words + three notices
  • The fox is how to make it cat king 1 - x words + extra video dubbing
  • Abe Seimei of "Yin and Yang", the end of the three children, 蟾蜍, 白比丘尼
  • Saga of the Athena Violent Cooking Room's Devil's Possession
  • Soul preview (original Jiangnan)
  • The soul of "The Soul" (original Jiangnan)
  • Jianwang three game video series "Jiangying Shenfu" first episode Mingtong (Li Lie)
  • The fox of the natural fox
  • Kaifeng Qi Tan white chrysanthemum
  • Blind Demonstration-derived radio drama Xue Yang
  • Seeing Huan Li Yanghong, Li Yanqiu
  • Sha Po Lang, Gu Yun
  • Undead, Yan Hao

Web dramaEdit

  • Xianjian Inn Long You (Chen Ximing)

Stand-alone gameEdit

  • The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man, Kui Zhao, Xia Yuanchen, Yu Feng
  • The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man [Continental Edition] Long You [2]
  • The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Biography
  • Xuanyuan Jianlu Feng Tianling
  • The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Six
  • Love and Producer
  • For All Time
  • The Tale of Food 食物语, Fo Tiao Qiang, Lianhua Xue Ya, Ba Wang Bie Ji

Network animationEdit

  • Funny comic day and the end of the world host
  • The Spirit of Chess is
  • She and her cat
  • Warring States Warriors II Hehe Sun City
  • Maori Kogoro, "Detective Conan - Assassin in Pupil"
  • The game "Devil City" - the moonlight night, the song of the Richter, the library grandfather
  • Brown Sugar Gourd Chef
  • Bartender Bartender
  • Saint Seiya CR Chinese dubbing preview Shaka

COS dubbingEdit

  • Dynasty Warriors 4COSPLAY Jin Ge Iron Horse dominates the world narration, Zhang Jiao, Liu Bei , Zhuge Liang
  • Seven Heroes and Five Meanings - Merry World COSPLAY Narration
  • Steel refining COS drama "Little Red Riding Hood" Roy Marstein
  • [Loyalty Hall] COS "Where is the sea" Beihai Dragon King / Dragon Three Princes / Turtles
  • [Loyalty Hall] COS "Reverse Water Cold" 戚少商


  • Sound Creation Alliance Voice 1
  • 09.12.16 Listening to the radio - Interview with Ajie
  • [Decision 5th Anniversary] [Communication Network with these events series interview] [Phase 1] - Ajie Maggie Interview
  • [All Excellent Voices] Sea Elections Review Special Program "When the Sea Election is in progress [Phase 2] 2011/02/27
  • [All excellent sound] top show Beijing landing game commentary special program 2011/04/24
  • Guangzhou Youth Magazine "Win the Future" Interview: lively in front of the scene, behind the scenes, the "sound" of the "sound" Jun "sound" live 2011/05/16
  • Anhui TV "Beauty World" premiere ceremony (111,123), November 10 recording and Jiang Guangtao , quarter Guanlin , Joe poetic language , Zhang Limin jointly participate


  • Love of the Empty Chinese version
  • Unfinished Poetry
  • DESTINY ~ fate ~ Ajie & Xiaoyun
  • Beijing One Night
  • The mortal
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • a long distance away
  • Spring, Come and Come
  • Mudanjiang
  • itch
  • And try the world - Ajie, HITA
  • Song Tang Night Sing
  • Devil City, the night of the night, ED- "I am the wind"
  • Imperial Chinese corps
  • 胧月夜~りり
  • Yin and Yang division radio wave brain wash
  • The musical " Injury " adapted "3Q injury" cos Tencent
  • I have always been obsessed with 甄嬛 甄嬛 甄嬛 [ [ [ft.HITA]
  • The same way, ‧ remember Mei Zhuang Wen Shichu [Ft.HITA]
  • Yue Ruo Liu Jin (the theme song of the radio drama " Breaking the Wolf ")


  • The master of the musical " Injury "
  • Ajie brand iron pot
  • Zichuan report system sound
  • UC audio clips
  • Sound system sound
  • Alliance Voice System Sound
  • Beijing Capital Life Radio's Podcast Show on March 20 - Ajie Maggie Album
  • Beijing Ka Cool TV "very happy" Wang Fan
  • The special program "World Exploration" commentary
  • Feng Hua Lu Li Bai
  • Jinjiang Literature City produced anthropomorphic broadcast small theater officially launched! [The first bomb: two or three things of the big brother and the second brother] - Big Brother (love channel)
  • Full-time master pseudo movie trailer, Ye Yexiu / Ye Qiu
  • VOCALOID4 sound library "Yuezheng Longya" sound source


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