Gate at Zeze Castle

The Zeze Domain (膳所藩, Zeze-han) was a feudal domain in Japan during the Edo period.[1] It was established by Tokugawa Ieyasu as a reward to Toda Kazuaki, whom he transferred from a 5,000 koku territory in Musashi Province to this 30,000 koku domain in Ōmi Province. The domain government had its headquarters at Zeze Castle in what is now the city of Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture. At its peak, it had a rating of 70,000 koku. It continued throughout the Edo period until the 1871 abolition of the han system.[1]

List of DaimyōEdit

  1. Kazuaki
  2. Ujikane
  1. Yasutoshi
  2. Toshitsugu
  1. Sadayoshi
  1. Tadafusa
  2. Noriyuki
  1. Toshitsugu
  2. Yasumasa (本多康将)
  3. Yasuyoshi
  4. Yasunobu
  5. Yasutoshi
  6. Yasutake
  7. Yasumasa (本多康政)
  8. Yasutomo
  9. Yasumasa (本多康匡)
  10. Yasusada
  11. Yasutada
  12. Yasuaki
  13. Yasushige


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