Zen Bound is a puzzle game for the iOS, Android, and Maemo platforms (Nokia N900), developed by Secret Exit. It was announced on September 5, 2008 via the company's discussion board, and officially released via the App Store on February 24, 2009, and via Ovi Store on June 16, 2010. A port to Android was announced as part of the Humble Bundle for Android 2 on March 19, 2012. The game has received press attention for its unique gameplay.[1] A lite version of the game was also released for free which featured 2 levels of the game. A sequel, Zen Bound 2, released on the Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on May 24, 2018.[2]

Zen Bound art.png
Developer(s)Secret Exit
Publisher(s)Chillingo Ltd
Platform(s)iOS, Maemo, OS X, Linux, Windows, Android
  • WW: February 24, 2009


The goal of the game is to paint various objects. In each level the player is given an object with an attached rope which varies in length depending on the level. Using a mouse or touch screen and tilt controls, the player attempts to wrap the object with the rope. Each time the rope is laid down on the object, the area near the rope gets covered by paint. The challenge is getting the required percentage of an object painted with only a finite length of rope. There are three targets in each level - minimum, medium and maximum coverage.

Some levels require nails protruding from the objects to be entwined in rope rather than having to cover the object's surface.


5th IMGAwards (International Mobile Gaming Awards) (2008): Excellence in 3D


The game was extremely well received in the reviews upon its release. Following are the review scores by some of the websites: PocketGamer: 10/10 (Platinum Award)[3]
IGN: 9.5/10[4]
SlideToPlay: 4/4[5]

For a time the game was the highest rated on Gamerankings.com (with a score of 97.86%), before being overtaken by Grand Theft Auto V in 2014.[6]


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