Zed Bias

Dave Jones, better known as Zed Bias, is an English electronic musician based in Manchester, who operates within the UK garage/2-step, broken beat and UK funky genres, as a producer and as a DJ. He has also released material under various pseudonyms including Maddslinky, and is half of the Phuturistix duo.[1][2]

Zed Bias
Birth nameDave Jones
Also known asMaddslinky
OriginUnited Kingdom
Occupation(s)Record producer, DJ
Years activeMid 1990s–present
Associated actsPhuturistix

Bias is best known for his single "Neighbourhood" which reached #25 in the UK charts in July 2000,[3] having created a large underground response from late 1999 in its original version. Living in Milton Keynes at the time, he collaborated with a number of other local artists and DJs resulting in a host of well received tracks and remixes early in his producing career, such as "Standard Hoodlum Issue" with DJ Spatts (The Criminal Minds).[4] Some of these have been released on his own Sidewinder/Sidestepper and Biasonic labels.[1]

Bias started to record under the Maddslinky name in 2001, resulting in the album "Make Your Peace" in 2003 and a second "Make A Change" in 2010.[5] Around the same time, he also became one half of the production duo Phuturistix, and has been engaged in remixing duties for many well known artists.

Bias' releases, which explore a more experimental or progressive side of the 2-step garage sound, have been hailed as a crucial element in the establishment of dubstep as a definable sound or genre.[6][7]



  • Make Your Peace (2003, Laws of Motion) – as Maddslinky
  • Feel It Out (2003, Hospital) – as Phuturistix
  • Breathe Some Light (2007, Phuture Lounge) – as Phuturistix
  • Experiments with Biasonics Vol. 1 (2007, Sick Trumpet)
  • Make a Change (2010, Tru Thoughts) – as Maddslinky
  • Biasonic Hotsauce: Birth of the Nanocloud (2011, Tru Thoughts)
  • Sleepin Giantz (2012, Tru Thoughts)
  • Boss (2013, Swamp81)
  • Different Response (2017, Exit Records)

DJ mixesEdit

  • Sound of the Pirates (2000, Locked On)
  • Bingo Beats Vol. 2 (2001, Bingo Beats)
  • Mighty Reaction (2003, Nab Records)

Notable singlesEdit

  • "Standard Hoodlum Issue" (1999, Social Circles) - as ES (Environmental Science) Dubs
  • "Neighbourhood" (1999/2000, Locked On) - UK #25
  • "Feel It Out" (2003, Hospital) - as Phuturistix
  • "Somethin' Extra" (2005, Askew) - as Maddslinky
  • "Time" (2007, Sick Trumpet)
  • "Special" (2010, Tru Thoughts) - as Maddslinky
  • "Music Deep Inside" (2011, Swamp81)
  • "Subway Baby" (2011, Swamp81)
  • "Hurting Me" (2012, Digital Soundboy)

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