Zavkhan River

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Zavkhan River (Mongolian: Завхан гол, Zawhan gol) is a river in Mongolia. It flows from Khangai Mountains to Lake Khyargas, and has a draining area of over 30,055 square miles (77,840 square kilometres). The river forms most of the border between the Govi-Altai and Zavkhan aimags. The length of the river is 670 kilometres (420 mi).[1]

Zavkhan River
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Native nameЗавхан гол
AimagsZavkhan, Govi-Altai
Physical characteristics
SourceBuyant River
 • locationKhangai Mountains
2nd sourceShar-Us River
MouthKhyargas Lake in Great Lakes Depression
 • location
Khyargas, Uvs, Mongolia
Length670 km (420 mi)
Basin features
 • rightShurga River

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Coordinates: 48°51′22″N 93°20′40″E / 48.85611°N 93.34444°E / 48.85611; 93.34444