Zaragoza Museum

Zaragoza Museum (Spanish - Museo de Zaragoza) is a national museum in the Plaza de los Sitios in the city of Zaragoza in Spain. Its collections range from the Lower Palaeolithic to the modern era and include archaeology, fine arts, ethnology and Iberian ceramics.

Zaragoza Museum
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Main building of the Museum
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LocationZaragoza, Spain
Coordinates41°38′53.5″N 0°52′43.0″W / 41.648194°N 0.878611°W / 41.648194; -0.878611Coordinates: 41°38′53.5″N 0°52′43.0″W / 41.648194°N 0.878611°W / 41.648194; -0.878611

It is the city's oldest museum and its main building - housing the fine arts and archaeology display - is the Neo-Renaissance structure designed for the Spanish-French Exhibition of 1908 by Ricardo Magdalena and Julio Bravo. Its design was inspired by the Patio de la Infanta, home of the Renaissance merchant and patron Gabriel Zaporta. The museum also has an ethnology display at the Casa Pirenaica, a ceramics display at the Casa de Albarracín in the Parque José Antonio Labordeta and the remains of Colonia Celsa in Velilla de Ebro.


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