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Zaporizhia International Airport (IATA: OZH, ICAO: UKDE) (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт "Запоріжжя", Russian: Международный аэропорт "Запорожье", also Zaporozh'ye East) is the international airport that serves Zaporizhia, Ukraine one of three airfields around the city. The aircraft engine factory Motor Sich has its base here.

Zaporizhzhia International Airport

Міжнародний аеропорт "Запоріжжя"

Международный аэропорт "Запорожье"
Аэродромы и терминалы-ВПП, Запорожье - Мокрая RP41030.jpg
Airport typePublic
OperatorUE International Airport Zaporozhye
LocationZaporizhia, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine
Elevation AMSL373 ft / 114 m
Coordinates47°52′01″N 035°18′57″E / 47.86694°N 35.31583°E / 47.86694; 35.31583Coordinates: 47°52′01″N 035°18′57″E / 47.86694°N 35.31583°E / 47.86694; 35.31583
OZH is located in Ukraine
Location of airport in Ukraine
Direction Length Surface
ft m
02/20 8,210 2,502 Concrete
02/20 6,889 2,100 Soil
Statistics (2018)


History of the airportEdit

Order No. 1 on the enterprise
  • the date of the airport's establishment is October 15, 1943. Immediately after the release of Zaporizhzhia from the Nazi troops, an order No. 1 was issued for the enterprise according to which the first head of the Zaporizhzhya airport was appointed. At that time, the airport infrastructure was located on the eastern outskirts of the city[1];
  • after the end of the war in 1945, the airport began to operate flights between Zaporizhzhia-Moscow-Zaporizhzhia, and then Zaporizhzhia-Kyiv-Zaporizhzhia;
  • in 1964 an artificial runway was put into operation at the current location of the airport[2];
Airport building in the 60's
  • in 1965, the construction of the airport terminal was completed[3] Airport building in the 60's;
  • until the beginning of the 90s, the airport was rapidly developing; in 70-80 years, up to 150 flights were carried out, which linked several dozen cities of the former USSR;
  • in 1981, the last time in the 20th century, a major overhaul of the runway at the Zaporizhzhya airport was carried out[4];
  • in the 1990s, a significant decline in airport production rates was recorded. This happened in the face of the extremely difficult economic and political situation in the country;

During the 1990s and early 2000s, the airport did not actually evolve due to lack of own funds and lack of financial assistance from the state or private investors.

Current airportEdit

The situation began to change in 2013, when the Zaporizhzhya airport changed its ownership form, and then it was transferred to the local territorial community[5]. At the session of the Municipal Council, the Municipla target program "Ensuring proper and uninterrupted work of the Utility Enterprise "Zaporizhzhya International Airport" was approved[6]. It was this year that there was a significant increase in airport production rates. In particular, an increase of 30.1% of adopted aircraft was registered (a total of 1936 units), as well as an increase in passenger traffic by 40.6% (to 79 845 passengers). In the same year, three intro-scopes for the inspection of baggage of passengers as well as a ring carrier for baggage delivery were purchased[7].

From 2015, Zaporizhzhya Airport began to actively cooperate with major international and Ukrainian carriers. In particular, such as Turkish Airlines[8], Pegasus Airlines[9] and Atlasglobal[10].

In 2016, Zaporizhzhia Municipal Council and the airport management developed and began to implement airport development and maintenance measures[11]. For this purpose UAH 12.5 million from the city budget and UAH 19.6 million from the airport's own funds were spent. A major repair of the terminal for domestic airlines has been completed, repairs of the terminal for international airlines have been completed, projects for the reconstruction of the lightning navigational aids of the runway and radio equipment have been completed, several units of necessary equipment have been purchased. In the same year, an agreement on cooperation with the "International Airlines of Ukraine" was signed, and the Zaporizhzhya airport was recognized as the best airport in Ukraine[12]. In February, the airport was included in the State Target Program for the Development of Airports for the period up to 2023[13]. In its framework it is planned to allocate more than 611 million USD for the airport support.

In 2017, the contracts were signed with Anda Air[14] and Bravo[15]. Also this year the first major repairs of the runway for 36 years were carried out[16], about 20 million UAH were spent on repairs[17].

In 2018, the enterprise management will join the cooperation of one of the largest European carriers - LOT Polish Airlines[18]. Due to this, for the first time in the history of Zaporizhzhia the regular flights to the countries of Europe began to operate from the local airport. The first of these was the Zaporizhzhia-Warsaw flight. The Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp became another new carrier that started cooperation with the Zaporizhzhya airport.[19] Also this year, the airport representatives are participating for the first time in the Routes Europe 2018 Forum, one of the largest air aviation forums in the world, allowing for meetings between the most influential players in the airline market.

Construction of a new terminalEdit

In 2016, the concept of a new terminal at Zaporizhzhya Airport was presented[20]. On September 6, 2017, the Government of Ukraine approved design estimates for the construction of a new passenger terminal. According to the documents, the construction should be completed within 24 months from the start date of construction, the total cost of all works, at the time of approval of the design and estimate documentation, amounted to 543 million UAH. Also, for the maintenance of the terminal, construction of a boiler house, a pumping station, a complex transformer substation, supply of power grids, sewage networks, water supply, heat and gas supply, communication systems, and rainwater drainage is planned[21]. The construction of a new terminal should significantly increase the volume of passenger traffic and allow significant development of the transport infrastructure of the entire region. The executor of the work was the company "Altis-Construction", which won the tender with a proposal of 529 million 850 thousand UAH[22].

The start of the construction of a new airport terminal in Zaporizhzhia

On December 14, 2017, the construction of a new terminal began. Its area is 12545 m², the capacity should be 400 passengers per hour (250 on international lines and 150 on domestic ones)[23]. The start of the construction of a new airport terminal in Zaporizhzhia

The state of construction of the new terminal of Zaporizhzhya airport as of February 2019

On December 14, 2018, the airport was authorized to take a loan from state-owned banks amounting to UAH 280 million. This money should be directed to construction work at the new airport terminal. An enterprise must return the sum at the expense of its own profit[24]. The state of construction of the new terminal of Zaporizhzhya airport as of February 2019.

As of the end of 2018, a completely built terminal framework and work on the roof covering was completed, the work on the installation of glass panels are coming to the end, the laying of communications to the terminal building continues. The installation of escalators has begun[25]. According to official data, on December 27, 2018, 50% of all construction works completed, the terminal rated capacity will be 1 million passengers per year[26].

Airlines and destinationsEdit


Year Passengers Change on previous year Zaporizhia International Airport Passenger Totals 2005–2018 (thousands)
2005 90,232
2006 110,810   22.8%
2007 118,463   6.9%
2008 63,596   53.7%
2009 33,960   46.6%
2010 33,386   1.7%
2011 56,900   70.4%
2012 56,788   0.2%
2013 79,845   40.6%
2014 75,400   5.6%
2015 128,104  69.9%
2016 275,421  115.0%
2017 348,438[41]  26.5%
2018 400,300   15.0%

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