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Zapadnoye Lake (70°44′S 11°28′E / 70.733°S 11.467°E / -70.733; 11.467) is a lake about 0.5 miles (0.8 km) long situated near the western end of the Schirmacher Hills, Queen Maud Land. Mapped by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1961 and named Ozero Zapadnoye (western lake).

Zapadnoye Lake
LocationSchirmacher Hills, Queen Maud Land
Coordinates70°44′S 11°28′E / 70.733°S 11.467°E / -70.733; 11.467Coordinates: 70°44′S 11°28′E / 70.733°S 11.467°E / -70.733; 11.467
Basin countries(Antarctica)