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The Zaliv Shipbuilding yard (Russian: Судостроительный завод «Залив», Ukrainian: Суднобудівний завод «Залив») is located in Kerch, Crimea and specializes in the construction of tankers and container carriers, and the repair of ships of different types and tonnage.[2]

Native name
OwnerOOO Vesta (60%)
OOO Enkor (40%)[1]
Ukraine Shipyards
There are three shipyards located in Mykolaiv: Black Sea Shipyard, Okean Shipyard, and Mykolayiv.

The shipyard was also known as Kamysh-Burun Zavod,[3] and Soviet Shipyard No. 532 named after Butoma Boris Evstaf'evich.



The joint stock company Zalyv Shipyard was founded in 1938. It is situated on the shore of the Kerch Strait, between two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. From 1945 to 1980 the yard built about 600 ships, including sea trawlers, small torpedo boats, fishing boats and barges. Since the 1960s it builds tankers.

The shipyard was formerly affiliated with the KrAZ Holding Company (Kremenchuk) and previous ownership / contracts / share % with Norwegian and foreign shipbuilding firms.[clarification needed]. As of April 2017 the company is owned by OOO Vesta (60%) and OOO Enkor (40%)[1]

Facilities and ServicesEdit

The shipyard is 350 acres (0.55 sq mi) main drydock large 60+ m, wide 365 m, more than 10 20 m hollow, two tall gantry cranes each can hold 200 within 500 ton and vessel ton up to 150000 ton or more .



  • Tankers, Oceanographic, Coast Guard MVD and other ents vessels, further types of vessels.
  • Project 22800 Tsiklon Corvette / PMT Patrol Ship
  • Project 22160 Corvette / PMT Patrol Ships
  • Project 23560 Leader class Destroyer / ASW / Missile Cruiser and Lavina class LHD LHA planned, Yard under restoration of capabilities, building smaller (initially) and different types of vessels included civilian either non combatant.
  • Many of the metal hardware beams barges and else of the Kerch (Strait) Bridge.
  • Passenger Hydrofoil boats (hull).
  • Repairing a jackup rig.
Name Class and type Plant № Laid Launched
Simferopol Passenger ship Pr A145 (SPM-150) 701 05.09.2014
Kerch Passenger ship Pr A145 (SPM-150) 702 05.09.2014
Passenger ship Pr A145 (SPM-150) 703
Marine Tanker Pr 23131 301 26.12.2014
Marine Tanker Pr 23131 302 26.12.2014
Volga Cable ship Pr 15310 nd 06.01.2015
Vyatka Cable ship Pr 15310 nd 06.01.2015
Search and Rescue ship Pr A163 112 28.07.2015
Search and Rescue ship Pr A163 113 09.12.2015
Pavel Derzhavin Missile Patrol ship Pr 22160 163 2015-2016
Sergej Kotov Missile Patrol ship Pr 22160 164 2015-2016
Tsiklon Small Missile ship Pr 22800 (head (?)) 256 (? nd) Summer 2016
Small Hydrographic ship Pr 19910 801 26.07.2016
Small Hydrographic ship Pr 19910 802 18.11.2016
Amur Small Hydrographic ship Pr 19910 803 30.06.2017
Small Hydrographic ship Pr 19910 804 Early 2017
Small Hydrographic ship Pr 19910 805 Early 2017
Lavina Sevastopol LHA ACV \ HCV LHD Amphibious Landing Project Lavina (speculation, planned, not before 2018)
Shkvall Shtorm Missile Destroyer/Cruiser/ASW Project 23560 Shkvall (Lider class) (speculation, planned, not before 2018-2019)
nd Jackup rig (unknown class, type), repairing nd (probable, first or second quarter 2016)
nd nd nd nd

Notable VesselsEdit

The Krivak class frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy is the current flagship of the Ukrainian navy.[6]
Name Laid Launched Class and type
Soviet frigate Bezzavetnyy 1973 1977 Krivak I (FFG) frigate (patrol)
Pobeda 1981 1988 Project 12990 marine tanker
Sevmorput 1982 1988 Nuclear-powered LASH carrier
Hetman Sahaydachniy (U130) 1991 1992 Krivak III (FFG) frigate (patrol)

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