Zalău County Museum

The County Museum of History and Art (Romanian: Muzeul Județean de Istorie și Artă) is a museum in Zalău, Romania, established in 1951.[1]

Zalău County Museum of History and Art
Muzeul Judeţean de Istorie şi Artă
Muzeul Judeţean de Istorie şi Artă, Zalău.jpg
Front entrance of the County Museum
Zalău County Museum is located in Romania
Zalău County Museum
Location within Romania
Established1951 (1951)
LocationZalău, Romania
Coordinates47°10′55″N 23°03′06″E / 47.182042°N 23.051805°E / 47.182042; 23.051805Coordinates: 47°10′55″N 23°03′06″E / 47.182042°N 23.051805°E / 47.182042; 23.051805

Archaeologists from the museum took part in excavations in the region. In 2015, a stone sarcophagus was discovered during restoration of a sacred area at Porolissum. The find was unusual because the sarcophagus was not in the cemetery that had been previously excavated. The sarcophagus contains skeletal remains of a young peron, and the limestone lid has carvings that were common in Roman times. A hole in the lid suggests that the grave was robbed in antiquity.[2]


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