Minervarya nilagirica

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Minervarya nilagirica, commonly known as Nilgiris wart frog, or Nilgiris frog, is a species of frog that is endemic to India.[3]

Nilgiris wart frog
Fejervarya mudduraja.jpg
Male vocalizing
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Dicroglossidae
Genus: Minervarya
M. nilagirica
Binomial name
Minervarya nilagirica
(Jerdon, 1853)
  • Fejervarya mudduraja Kuramoto, Joshy, Kurabayashi, and Sumida, 2008 "2007"
  • Fejervarya murthii (Pillai, 1979)
  • Fejervarya nilagiricus (Jerdon, 1853)
  • Minervarya mudduraja (Kuramoto, Joshy, Kurabayashi, and Sumida, 2008)
  • Minervarya murthii (Pillai, 1979)
  • Rana limnocharis nilagirica Annandale, 1917
  • Rana murthii Pillai, 1979
  • Rana nilagirica Jerdon, 1853
  • Zakerana mudduraja (Kuramoto, Joshy, Kurabayashi, and Sumida, 2008)
  • Zakerana murthii (Pillai, 1979)
  • Zakerana nilagirica (Jerdon, 1853)


Minervarya nilagirica has a relatively large size compared to the other species in its genus.[4]

Habitat and distributionEdit

It is found along roadsides and around wetlands excepting wet paddy fields.[4] It is found from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, in the Western and Eastern Ghats of India, at 800-1600 m elevation.[3]


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