Zagreb Zoo (Croatian: Zoološki vrt Grada Zagreba) is a 7-hectare (17-acre) zoo located within Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia and is across the street from Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium.[2] It is one of three zoo parks in the country.

Zagreb Zoo
Vstupní brána - ZOO Zagreb.jpg
Zagreb Zoo entrance
45°49′22″N 16°1′19″E / 45.82278°N 16.02194°E / 45.82278; 16.02194
Date openedJune 27, 1925
Land area5.5 ha (14 acres)
7 ha (17 acres) including lakes and ponds
No. of animals8,880
No. of species275
Annual visitors350,000[1]
MembershipsEAZA, WAZA

Zagreb Zoo is a member of both the European[3] and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums[4] and is a participant in the European Endangered Species Programme.[2]


Lions in Zagreb Zoo

The zoo opened its doors on June 27, 1925. Reconstruction of the old zoo began in 1990.[5] By October 2016, first part of the Zoo reconstruction and modernization was finished.


The zoo is home to 2,225 animals representing 275 species.[2][6][7][8]


Leopard world

North China leopard

Amur leopard

Snow leopard


Ring tailed lemur

Black and white ruffed lemur

Australia enclouser

Red-necked Wallaby


Black swan


Sea Lion bay

California Sea Lion

Red panda Trail

Red panda


Monkey house


Sacred langur

Black howler



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