Zaal, Duke of Aragvi

Eristavi Zaal, Duke of Aragvi (died 1660) was a powerful Georgian lord who controlled much of Kakheti in the seventeenth century. He became the ruler of Aragvi in 1633, and supported King Teimuraz I of Kakheti against the Persians. When Teimuraz was defeated in 1648, Zaal tactfully changed allegiance to support Shah Abbas II and was able to manipulate his way to increase his influence in Kakheti. When Shah Abbas II settled Turkoman tribes in eastern Georgia, Zaal forcefully led the Bakhtrioni Uprising in Kakheti that expelled Turkoman tribes in 1659–60. In doing so he fell into conflict with Vakhtang V of Kartli, who had Zaal assassinated in May 1660.