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Zénith de Strasbourg is an indoor sporting arena and concert hall that is located in the city of Eckbolsheim, Bas-Rhin, in eastern France.[1]

Zénith Strasbourg Europe
Zénith de Strasbourg Europe février 2015-1.jpg
Le Zénith de Strasbourg illuminé la nuit.
LocationEckbolsheim, Bas-Rhin
Coordinates48°35′36″N 7°41′14″E / 48.593211°N 7.687120°E / 48.593211; 7.687120Coordinates: 48°35′36″N 7°41′14″E / 48.593211°N 7.687120°E / 48.593211; 7.687120
OpenedJanuary 3, 2008
ArchitectMassimiliano Fuksas;
style: Postmodern Expressionist


It was designed, in the Postmodern Expressionist style, by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas.


The Zénith de Strasbourg arena has a capacity of 12,079. It opened in 2008, one of the Le Zénith series of similar venues throughout France.


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