Yuzhnoye Butovo District

Yuzhnoye Butovo District (Southern Butovo, Russian: Ю́жное Бу́тово) is the biggest residential district in South-Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Russia. The district's history dates back to 1612, and it is named after a Don Cossack Butov. The area of the district is 27 square kilometres (10 sq mi).[1] The population (July 2016) was 207,903.

Yuzhnoye Butovo District
Street scene, Yuzhnoye Butovo District
Street scene, Yuzhnoye Butovo District
Flag of Yuzhnoye Butovo District
Coat of arms of Yuzhnoye Butovo District
Location of Yuzhnoye Butovo District on the map of Moscow
Coordinates: 55°31′22.62″N 37°33′2.09″E / 55.5229500°N 37.5505806°E / 55.5229500; 37.5505806
Federal subjectMoscow
 • Total27 km2 (10 sq mi)
 • Estimate 
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[3])
OKTMO ID45909000

Butovo memorial edit

Situated approximately 27 km south-east of Moscow, Butovo is the site of the Butovo firing range, a mass grave dating from the "Great Purge" of the 1930s. In excess of 20,000 people were shot and buried there from August 1937 to October 1938 [1]. It has become a shrine to Joseph Stalin's victims and has an Orthodox church on the grounds.

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