Yumenoshima Park

Yumenoshima Park (夢の島公園, Yumenoshima Kōen) is a sports park in Yumenoshima, Kōtō Ward, Tokyo, Japan. It was made by improving a landfill site called Yumenoshima, which had been the final disposal site for garbage from 1957 until 1967. Yumenoshima will be the site of the archery event of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Yumenoshima Park
Akahata Matsuri 02.jpg
Akahata Festival in the park in 2010
LocationKōtō Ward, Tokyo, Japan
CoordinatesCoordinates: 35°38′58″N 139°49′33″E / 35.6493854°N 139.8258119°E / 35.6493854; 139.8258119
Area433,212 square metres (107.049 acres)
Created1 October 1978
Public transit accessShin-Kiba Station


Admission feeEdit

Admission to the park is free of charge, but the Tropical Greenhouse Dome and sports facilities require a fee.

Opening times and holidaysEdit

The park is open all year round. However, the barbecue area is closed on New Year's holidays while the Tropical Greenhouse Dome and Daigo Fukuryū Maru Exhibition Hall are closed on New Year's holidays and Mondays.


The Akahata Matsuri (赤旗まつり) (literally, Red Flag Festival) is sometimes held in the park. Organised by the Japanese Communist Party, it takes place once every four years or so and lasts about 2 or 3 days. The most recent one was in November 2014.

2020 OlympicsEdit

Yumenoshima Park is set to be the venue for archery events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will also host archery for the 2020 Paralympics. The qualification field was completed in February 2019. A test event for the Olympic and Paralympic Games archery events was held in July 2019.[1]



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