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Yulinzhou or Yulin Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China in modern southern Guangxi, China. It existed from 666 to 1912, and between 742 and 758 it was known as Yulin Commandery.[3]

Yulin Prefecture (鬱林州)
Yulin Commandery (鬱林郡)
 • 740s or 750s9,699[1]
 • 1070s or 1080sUnknown, 3,564 households[2]
 • Preceded byYu Prefecture (鬱州)
 • Created666 (Tang dynasty)
 • Abolished1912 (R.O. China)
 • Succeeded byYulin County
Contained within
 • Circuit
Yulin Prefecture
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Yulin Commandery
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


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