Yugoslavia women's national basketball team

The Yugoslavia women's national basketball team (Serbo-Croatian: Ženska košarkaška reprezentacija Jugoslavije / Женска кошаркашка репрезентација Југославије) was the women's basketball side that represented the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1943 until 1992 in international competition, and were controlled by the Basketball Federation of Yugoslavia (KSJ).[1]

FIBA rankingN/A
FIBA zoneFIBA Europe
National federationBasketball Federation of Yugoslavia
CoachMiodrag Vesković (last)
Olympic Games
Medals Silver: (1988)
Bronze: (1980)
World Cup
Medals Silver: (1990)
EuroBasket Women
Medals Silver: (1968, 1978, 1987, 1991)
Bronze: (1970, 1980)
Home jersey
Team colours
Away jersey
Team colours

The team's first major tournament appearance was at the 1954 European Championship, hosted by Yugoslavia, in which it finished fourth. The team's biggest success in the following decades were a bronze medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, and a silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The team disappeared during the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, and its last major tournament appearance was at the 1991 European Championship in Israel, where they finished as runners-up losing to the Soviet Union in the final.

Competitive record


Head coaches

Years Name Competition
1954   Strahinja Alagić 5th 1954 EuroBasket
1956   Aleksandar Gec 9th 1956 EuroBasket
1958   Milorad Sokolović 4th 1958 EuroBasket
1959 4th 1959 World Championship
1960   Borivoje Cenić 5th 1960 EuroBasket
1962–1964   Miodrag Stefanović 5th 1962 EuroBasket
7th 1964 EuroBasket
1964   Dragoljub Pljakić 6th 1964 World Championship
1966–1967   Ladislav Demšar 6th 1966 EuroBasket
6th 1967 World Championship
1968   Strahinja Alagić   1968 EuroBasket
1970   Ladislav Demšar   1970 EuroBasket
1972–1976   Borivoje Cenić 8th 1972 EuroBasket
8th 1974 EuroBasket
5th 1976 EuroBasket
1976–1979   Borislav Ćorković   1978 EuroBasket
1980–1989   Milan Vasojević   1980 EuroBasket
  1980 Summer Olympics
4th 1981 EuroBasket
4th 1983 EuroBasket
8th 1983 World Championship
6th 1984 Summer Olympics
5th 1985 EuroBasket
  1987 EuroBasket
  1988 Summer Olympics
4th 1989 EuroBasket
1990   Mihajlo Vuković   1990 World Championship
1991   Miodrag Vesković   1991 EuroBasket

New national teams


After the dissolution of SFR Yugoslavia in 1991, five new countries were created: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, FR Yugoslavia (in 2003, renamed to Serbia and Montenegro) and Slovenia. In 2006, Montenegro became an independent nation and Serbia became the legal successor of Serbia and Montenegro. In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia and became a FIBA member in 2015.

Here is a list of women's national teams on the SFR Yugoslavia area:


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