Yugoslav Radical Union

The Yugoslav Radical Union (Serbian: Jugoslovenska radikalna zajednica, Југословенска радикална заједница; Slovene: Jugoslovanska radikalna skupnost, Croatian: Jugoslavenska radikalna zajednica; or JRZ) was the ruling far-right party of Yugoslavia from 1934 until the 1941 coup d'état.

Yugoslav Radical Union
Југословенска радикална заједница
Jugoslovenska radikalna zajednica
ChairmanMilan Stojadinović
Dragiša Cvetković
FounderMilan Stojadinović
Founded1934 (1934)
Dissolved1941 (1941)
Split fromYugoslav National Party
Paramilitary wingGreenshirts
IdeologyYugoslav fascism[1][2][3]
Yugoslav nationalism
National conservatism
Social conservatism
Fascist corporatism
Political positionFar-right
Colours  Black (official)
  Green (costumary)

The party, whose agenda was based upon fascism, was the dominant political movement in the country until 1939, when Milan Stojadinović was removed as Prime Minister.[1] Party members wore green shirt uniforms and šajkača caps and addressed Stojadinović as Vođa ("Leader").[1]

The party also had a paramilitary wing called the Greenshirts, who assaulted and clashed with those who were against Stojadinović's rule. Stojadinović told Italian foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano that although the party was initially established as a moderate authoritarian movement, his intention was to model the party after the Italian National Fascist Party.[1]

Milan Stojadinovic led the party until 1939, when his second cabinet collapsed due to his pro-Axis policy. He was replaced by Dragiša Cvetković as Prime Minister and de jure Party leader. The party practically ceased to exist with the formation of the Cvetković–Maček government in 1939, though JRZ has not been formally abolished or dissolved.

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