Yuen Wah filmography

This article contains the filmography of Yuen Wah.


Year Film title Alternate Role Notes
1966 The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) 兩湖十八鏢 (下集) child actor a.k.a. Seven Little Tigers (Part 1)
The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) 兩湖十八鏢 (上集) child actor a.k.a. Seven Little Tigers (Part 2)
1972 Fist of Fury 精武門 supporting cameo role as a Japanese person
a.k.a. The Chinese Connection
Way of the Dragon 猛龍過江 stuntman a.k.a. Return of the Dragon
a.k.a. Revenge of the Dragon
The Black Tavern 黑店 "ghost"
Hapkido 合氣道 "Black Bear student"
a.k.a. Lady Kung Fu
1973 The Awaken Punch 石破天驚 "Court deputy" a.k.a. Village on Fire
Black Belt 黑帶仇 "thug"
Back Alley Princess 馬路小英雄 "fighter in casino" (supporting role)
Attack of the Kung Fu Girls 鐵娃 supporting role a.k.a. None but the Brave
The Bastard 小雜種 stuntman
Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥 "tournament fighter" (supporting role)
The Money Tree 搖錢樹 "fighter at movie set"
Fists of the Double K 除霸 "thug"
a.k.a. Fist to Fist
King of Kung Fu 師兄出馬 a.k.a. He Walks Like a Tiger
Bloody Ring 死亡挑戰 a.k.a. Mandarin Magician
Duel of the Dragons 過關斬將
He Walks Like a Tiger 師兄出馬 "street performer"
Ambush 埋伏 "Fan Zhi Long's man"
1974 Super Kung Fu Kid 小霸王 "thug" a.k.a. Karado: The Kung Fu Flash
a.k.a. The Hong Kong Cat
The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss 鐵金剛大破紫陽觀 "thug"
action director
a.k.a. The Stoner
a.k.a. Hong Kong Hitman
Conman and the Kung Fu Kid 狼狽為奸 "thug" a.k.a. From China with Death
a.k.a. Wit to Wits
The Tournament 中泰拳壇生死戰 "student"
The Chinese Tiger 唐山猛虎
1975 The Valiant Ones 忠烈圖 "pirate"
action director
a.k.a. Usurpers of Emperor's Power
The Dragon Tamers 女子跆拳群英會 a.k.a. Belles of Taekwondo
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold 女金剛鬥狂龍女 thug
The Association 艷窟神探
The Sharp Fists in Kung Fu 鐵掌連環拳 supporting role
1976 Secret Rivals 南拳北腿 "thug"
a.k.a. Silver Fox Rivals
The Himalayan 密宗聖手 Supporting role
Brotherhood 江湖子弟 "supporting role"
Hand of Death 少林門 "bodyguard" a.k.a. Countdown in Kung Fu
The Magic Blade 天涯明月刀 supporting role
The Web of Death 五毒天羅 "Holy Fire member"
Emperor Chien Lung 乾隆皇奇遇記 "thug"
Big Bad Sis 沙膽英 "thug"
The Criminals 香港奇案 supporting role
The Dragon Missile 飛龍斬 "villager"
1977 Shaolin Plot 四大門派 "Palace bodyguard"
Clans of Intrigue 楚留香 "Iga ninja"
Death Duel 三少爺的劍 "armed thug"
The Sentimental Swordsman 多情劍客無情劍 "You Long Sheng"
Pursuit of Vengeance 明月刀雪夜殲仇 "Master Bai Tian" / "impostor"
The Battle Wizard 天龍八部 supporting role
Broken Oath 破戒 "Casino guard"
Judgement of an Assassin 決殺令 supporting role
The Amsterdam Kill 荷京喋血
1978 Soul of the Sword 殺絕 "bodyguard"
The Proud Youth 笑傲江湖 "member of 'Four Friends of Plum Garden'"
Clan of Amazons 秀花大盜 "Black Devil"
Game of Death 死亡遊戲 "Lo Chen's second"
Legend of the Bat 蝙蝠傳奇 "Mute bodyguard" a.k.a. Bat Island Adventures
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 倚天屠龍記 "Ming Clan member" a.k.a. Chivalrous Killer
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Part II 倚天屠龍記大結局 "Ming Clan member"
Flying Guillotine 2 清宮大刺殺 "patriotic hero" (supporting role)
Swordsman And Enchantress 蕭十一郎 "one of the Leng brothers"
My Kung Fu Master 師父教落 supporting role
1979 The Scandalous Warlord 軍閥趣史 "opera acrobat"
The Deadly Breaking Sword 風流斷劍小小刀 "thug" a.k.a. Breaking Sword of Death
Murder Plot 孔雀王朝 supporting role
The Kung Fu Instructor 教頭 "Master Tan"
To Kill a Mastermind 七煞 "2nd Chief Hsi Chou"
Full Moon Scimitar 圓月彎刀 "Black Clan member"
Coward Bastard 惡爺 "Biao"
1980 Bat Without Wings 無翼蝙蝠 "Xu Fang"
The Swift Sword 情俠追風劍 "bandit"
Daggers 8 空手入白刃
Heroes Shed No Tears 英雄無淚 "Mu Chi"
Rendezvous with Death 請帖 "Jin Ju, Poison Scholar"
The Kid with a Tattoo 通天小子紅槍客 "Lin Fei" a.k.a. Claws of the Eagle
Killer Constable 萬人斬 "Liu's bodyguard" a.k.a. Lightning Kung Fu
a.k.a. Karate Exterminators
The Tiger and the Widow 徐老虎與白寡婦 supporting role
1981 Emperor and His Brother 書劍恩仇錄 "No. 6"
assistant action director
The Duel of the Century 陸小鳳之決戰前後 "emperor's guard"
action director
Black Lizard 黑蜥蜴 "Black Lizard"
action director
The Bloodthirsty Dead 飛屍 a.k.a. Revenge of the Corpse
Notorious Eight 千門八將 supporting role
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman 魔劍俠情 "Ximen Rou" a.k.a. "Green-faced Spear"
Shaolin Prince 少林傳人 "Li Chin"
action director
a.k.a. Iron Fingers of Death
a.k.a. Death Mask of the Ninja
1982 Passing Flickers 三十年細說從頭 "policeman"
Lovers Blades 神經大俠
Human Lanterns 人皮燈籠 supporting role
The Spirit of The Sword 浣花洗劍 "Samurai killer"
action director
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman 楚留香之幽靈山莊 action director
My Rebellious Son 小子有種 "Matsuzaka"
Mercenaries from Hong Kong 獵魔者 "Wen's brother"
1983 The Enchantress 妖魂 "Robe's guard"
action director
Shaolin Intruders 三闖少林 "6 demons"
action director
Tales of a Eunuch 鹿鼎記 action director
Men from the Gutter 暗渠 "gangster"
action director
Descendant of the Sun 日劫 "Prince's bodyguard"
action director
The Supreme Swordsman 老鷹的劍 "Sparrow" a.k.a. "Crow"
assistant action director
Mad Mad 83 瘋狂83 action choreographer
1984 Opium and the Kung-Fu Master 洪拳大師 "Zheng Hong's man"
action director
a.k.a. Lightning Fists of Shaolin
The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre 魔殿屠龍 "Right Guardian of Ming Clan"
action director
Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan 愛奴新傳 "Ju San's brother (swordsman)"
action choreographer
The Owl vs Bombo 貓頭鷹與小飛象 action director
a.k.a. The Owl vs Bombo
1985 Mr. Vampire 殭屍先生 "Vampire Yam"
action director
My Lucky Stars 福星高照 "thug" (cameo)
stunt co-ordinator
Heart of Dragon 龍的心 "Yan" (SWAT team member)
action director
The Island 生死線 action director
From the Great Beyond 時來運轉 action director a.k.a. Those Merry Souls
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星 action director
1986 Millionaire's Express 富貴列車 "security officer"
"Bank robber"
a.k.a. Shanghai Express
Rosa 神勇雙響炮續集 action director
Where's Officer Tuba? 霹靂大喇叭 "gang member"
a.k.a. Spirit and Me
Eastern Condors 東方禿鷹 "Vietnamese General"
action director
Silent Love 聽不到的說話 action director
1987 The Final Test 最後一戰 "Chairman"
Scared Stiff 小生夢驚魂 "Hua (policeman)"
action director
1988 The Haunted Island 鬼猛腳 "East Bay Sergeant Wah"
action director
a.k.a. Spooky, Spooky
a.k.a. Spooky, Spooky, Spooky
In the Blood 神探父子兵 action director
A Nightmare 夢過界 "Dream man" a.k.a. My Dream is Yours
The Greatest Lover 公子多情 "Comrade Zhu Bai Dao"
action director
Dragons Forever 飛龍猛將 "Hua Hsien-Wu"
Picture of a Nymph 畫中仙 "White haired demon" a.k.a. Portrait of a Nymph
On the Run 亡命鴛鴦 "Cowardly cop"
action director
Mr. Vampire 4 殭屍叔叔 "Wu-Yuan"
action director
a.k.a. Mr. Vampire Saga Four
Three Against the World 群龍奪寶 action director
Painted Faces 七小福 action director
Paper Marriage 過埠新娘 action director
1989 The Iceman Cometh 急凍奇俠 "Fung San"
action director
1990 The Nocturnal Demon 夜魔先生 "gang leader" a.k.a. Demon Intruder
Legend of the Dragon 龍的傳人 "Master Chow Fei-Hung"
action director
She Shoots Straight 皇家女將 "Yuen Hua" a.k.a. Lethal Lady
The Swordsman 笑傲江湖 "Jo Lang Sim" / "Zhor"
action director
The Dragon from Russia 紅場飛龍 "Lui Chat Lung, Master of Death" a.k.a. Crying Freeman: Dragon from Russia
Kung Fu vs. Acrobats 摩登如來神掌 "Tien Chian"
action director
a.k.a. Fai & Chi: Kings of Kung Fu
a.k.a. Thunderbolt '91
1991 The Magnificent Scoundrels 情聖 "Brother Wah"
The Top Bet 賭霸 "Sifu Wu Lung Lo" (cameo)
Bury Me High 衛斯理之霸王卸甲 "General Nguen"
Red Shield 雷霆掃穴 "Panther"
1992 The Master 黃飛鴻'92之龍行天下 "Uncle Chan Hou Tak"
stunt co-ordinator
The Big Deal 偷神家族 "Tee Tung-Feng"
"The Saint hero"
Miracle 90 Days 特異功能猩求人 "Uncle Wah"
Fist of Fury 1991 II 漫畫威龍 "Cheng Wan-To"
Super Lady Cop 超級女警 "Coach"
A Kid From Tibet 西藏小子 "Black Section sorcerer"
Police Story 3 警察故事III超級警察 "Panther" a.k.a. Supercop
1993 The Black Panther Warriors 黑豹天下 "Bloody Wolf" a.k.a. Warriors: The Black Panther
Kick Boxer 黃飛鴻之鬼腳七 "Chairman Wah" a.k.a. Once Upon a Chinese Hero
Shaolin Popey II Messy Temple 笑林小子II新烏龍院 Taiwanese film
1995 Drugs Fighters 緝毒先鋒 "Lin Chia-Teng"
Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop 怒海威龍 "Mainland drug dealer" (cameo)
Only Fools Fall in Love 呆佬拜壽 "Dai Foo (Dai's father)"
1997 Hero 馬永貞 "Ma Tai Cheung"
1998 Leopard Hunting 獵豹行動 "Fang Kuo Ho"
2000 The Devil Shadow 魔影 "Sifu Lone"
2001 Vampire Controller 趕屍先生 "Ha La-Chak"
Ultimatum 最後通牒 "Ola"
2004 Hidden Heroes 追擊8月15 "Dr Lau"
Kung Fu Hustle 功夫 "Landlord"
2005 Kung Fu Mahjong 雀聖 "Chi Mo Sai"
Mob Sister 阿嫂 "Buddhist monk master" a.k.a. Ah Sou
Dragon Squad 猛龍 "stall owner" a.k.a. Dragon Heat
Kung Fu Mahjong 2 雀聖2自摸天后 "Chi Mo Sai"
A Chinese Tall Story 情癲大聖 "Lord Chancellor Tortoise"
2006 My Kung Fu Sweetheart 野蠻秘笈 "Phoenix' Dad"
Bet to Basic 打雀英雄傳 "Sam Yuen Wah"
Don't Open Your Eyes 鬼眼刑警 "Uncle Bing"
Dating a Vampire 愛上屍新娘 "Mister M"
Dragon Tiger Gate 龍虎門 "Wong Xianglong"
2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel 雀聖3自摸三百番 "Fortune teller M"
Twins Mission 雙子神偷 "Chang Chung"
Contract Lover 合約情人 "Fok's Dad"
The Valiant Ones New 新忠烈圖 a.k.a. The Valiant Ones New II
Vampire Super
2008 Australia "Sing Song"
The Vampire Who Admires Me
2009 Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You
Looking For Jackie
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box 越光寶盒
Vampire Warriors 殭屍新戰士
Kung Fu Wing Chun
City Under Siege
2011 Choy Lee Fut 蔡李佛
I Love Wing Chun
2013 Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters
Wing Chun Xiao Long
2014 The Buddha's Shadow 神通佛影
2015 Monk Comes Down the Mountain 道士下山
2016 The Bodyguard 特工爺爺
2018 Detective Chinatown 2 唐人街探案2 Mo Youqian
2018 Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy Special Guest Appearance Spin-off and direct sequel to Ip Man 3
2018 The Trough 低壓槽
2018 My Kitchen Lover
2019 Return of the Lucky Stars
2019 Demon Catching Skill
2019 The Beast
2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Guang Bo
TBD Lost But Win 風速極戰


Year Series title Alternate Role Notes
1996 Drunken Angels 男人四十打功夫 "Fong Tin Lung"
Night Journey 殭屍福星 "Tin"
1997 A Place of One's Own 大澳的天空
1998 Days in Shaolin "Tan Shi" a.k.a. Happy Monk
1999 The Kung Fu Master 京城教 "Tam Tien" a.k.a. Beijing City
Dragon Love 人龍傳說 "Yip Man"
Plain Love II 茶是故鄉濃 "Tse Fu Biu"
Aiming High 撻出愛火花 "Lo Ban"
2001 Gods of Honour 封神榜 "Lee Jing" a.k.a. Honour of the Gods
On the Track or Off 勇往直前 "Father Gam" a.k.a. On Track or Off
a.k.a. The Track
Country Spirit 酒是故鄉醇 "Gum Gut Cheurng" a.k.a. Plain Love III
2002 Burning Flame II 烈火雄心 II "Kwan On Yam"
Slim Chances 我要 "So Siu Lum" a.k.a. Fit Slim Chances
2003 Back to Square One 撲水冤家
Square Pegs 戇夫成龍 "Bao Heng Fong"
Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 "Yan Chi Xia"
2004 Shades of Truth 水滸無間道 "Song Po"
2005 Real Kung Fu 佛山贊師父 "Wong Wah-bo" a.k.a. Mr Chan of Foshan
Guts of Man 肝膽崑崙 "The Master" a.k.a. Courageous Kunlun
The Gentle Crackdown 秀才遇著兵 "Luk Gin"
2007 Heavenly In-Laws 我外母唔係人 "Lum Sui"
"Water God"
A Change of Destiny 天機算 "Lee Sing Tin"
"Wan Chung Hok"
The Green Grass of Home 緣來自有機 "Yip Cheurng Faat"
Word Twisters' Adventures 铁咀银牙 "Lap Lan Gang"
2011 7 Days in Life 隔離七日情 "Ho Si-chan"
Forensic Heroes III 法證先鋒III "Po Shun-hing"
2013 Ip Man 葉問 "Chen Huashun"
2015 The Wicked League 惡毒老人同盟



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