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Yuanli Township[1] is an urban township in southwestern Miaoli County, Taiwan, occupying an area of 68.25 square kilometres (26.35 sq mi), with a population of 46,939 in January 2017.[2] Yuanli is known as "Miaoli's Granary."[citation needed]

Yuanli Township
苑裡天下路 Yuanli Tianxia Road - panoramio.jpg
Old town of Yuanli Township
Yuanli Township in Miaoli County
Yuanli Township in Miaoli County
LocationMiaoli County, Taiwan
 • Total68.25 km2 (26.35 sq mi)
 (January 2017)
 • Total46,939 Edit this at Wikidata (in Chinese)
Yuanli Township
Hanyu PinyinYuànlǐ Zhèn
Wade–GilesYüan4-li3 Chen4
Hokkien POJOán-lí-tìn

Administrative divisionsEdit

  • Fangli Village, in 1978, Fangli village had joined Bei Fang village and Nan Fang Village.
  • Futian Village, the land is In between the south shore of Yuanli river and the north shore of Fangli river.
  • Haian Village, Haikou, former name.
  • Jiushe Village, it is where was the Taokas Ri Bei aboriginal village. After some Indigenous people immigrated to Xin Pu, some to Ri Nan.
  • Jiaopu Village, the landform looks like banana shape valley.
  • Kezhuang Village, the largest population village compare with the other.
  • Nanshi Village, in the beginning of Yuanli River Valley under San Yi Plateau
  • Shanjiao Village, as Ri Bei Shan Jiao
  • Sheling Village, in Taiwan under Japanese rule, It has been called Sheling Village . it was included Sheling, Taitian and Yutian
  • Shangan Village, the Place named after the orange jasmine tree. Due to the former residents plant a lot of orange jasmine to maintain the hygiene of community.
  • Shangguan Village, Fangli River and its tributary lead water from Da’an River. So that, this area is also known as Water Gate.
  • Shuipo Village
  • Shizeng Village, also known as Stone Col . Due to flood brings debris from Huoyan Mountain.
  • Taitian Village, this village land was reclaimed was from Da'An river bed.
  • Tianxin Village
  • Xishi Village
  • Xiping Village, due to the local spring water outflowing, Yuanli Contemporary Art Center and Chu Shui Park both Situated at this Village.
  • Xinfu Village
  • Yuantung Village, Oyster Shell Hill.
  • Yuannan Village, in Japanese Colonial, formerly known as Street End. Since the train station is located here, many people are taking it as in and out of town, gradually became the downtown.
  • Yuanbei Village, formerly known as Bamboo Lane
  • Yuangang Village, the first aligned industrial base under urban planning and where is the Yuanli Fishing Port located.
  • Yutian Village
  • Yuankeng Village, the valley of Yuanli River in between of Yin Dou Hill and Tongxiao Plateau


The township is part of the Miaoli County Constituency I electoral district for the Legislative Yuan.


Earlier, the main activities of the township is the production of mats, hats and hand-made woven products.[3] However, nowadays those industries have declined due to the abundance of equivalent cheap goods.

Currently the main economic activities of the township is rice cultivation, where 3,000 hectares of the township land is made up of rice fields.[4]


Elementary schoolsEdit

Shan Jiao Elementary School
  • Jhong Jheng Elementary School
  • Jiao Pu Elementary School
  • Jhong Shan Elementary school
  • Ke Zhuang Elementary School
  • Lin Sen Elementary School
  • Lan Tian Elementary School
  • Shan Jiao Elementary School
  • Wen Yuan Elementary School
  • Yuanli Elementary School

High schoolsEdit

  • CHimin Junior High School
  • Long De Vocational Senior High School
  • Municipal Yunali Senior High School
  • National Yuanli Senior High School

Tourist attractionsEdit


  • Huoyan Mountain, The Huoyan mountain divides the Taiwan Climate north or south.
  • Monkey Waterfalls, a geographical Causalities of the disappearance
  • Premiere Moisson in Yuanli Village, Tianliao rice harvest season.
  • Yuanli Fishing Port, Yuan-Gang harboring boats.


  • Yuanli Cihe Temple [zh] is the spiritual center of Yuanli Goddess Mazu worship. Its building stands beside the old Provincial Highway 1 in the downtown area.
  • Yuanli Cihu Temple (苑裡慈護宮) is the center of Shanjiao area. It is surrounded by Shanjiao Park, Jinshan Park and a Miaoli historical building that is a former teacher residence built under Japanese rule.
  • Yuanli Shuntian Temple [zh] was built in 1856 and is one of the earliest Mazu temples in Fangli Yuanli, known as Inner Castle Matsu.
  • Yuanli Ciguang Temple (慈光寺)
  • Yuanli Lan Tian Temple (藍田寺)
  • Yuanli Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, established in 1956. Maryknoll Fathers built up the project as Chinese quadrangles style in 1958.
  • Yuanli Holiness Church
  • Yuanli The Presbyterian Church under Hsin-Chu Presbyteries. Also there is another Presbyterian Church in Shanjiao Yuanli.


  • Yuanli North Industrial Park
  • Yuanli Jin Shan Park : Yuanli township office aims to cherry blossoms theme park within years.
  • Yuanli Peng Shan Park
  • Yuanli Shan Jiao Park: There are some walking trails among the park. This small forestry park disseminates Phytoncid in township.
  • Ri Bei Park


  • Li Shan Shu: Advocated two lifestyles. One is the livable land in foothill mountain, the other is the none toxic foods are the fundamental of life.

Artist studioEdit

Tourist spotsEdit

Yuanli Fishing Port at sunset



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