Youngest of da Camp

Youngest of da Camp is the debut studio album by American rapper Lil Boosie. It was released in 2000, by C-Loc Records. The album's production was mainly handled by Happy Perez, Russ Lee and C-Loc himself.[1] C-Loc was also listed as one of the album's featured guest appearances, along with Max Minelli, Concentration Camp and Donkey. Youngest of da Camp has sold 10,000 units in the United States.[2]

Youngest of da Camp
Lil Boosie Youngest of Da Camp.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerHappy Perez, Russ Lee, C-Loc
Lil Boosie chronology
C-Loc Present Camp III: Thug Brothas
Youngest of da Camp
For My Thugz


Lil Boosie's cousin, C-Loc started his own record company, called C-Loc Records. At the time, Lil Boosie was 17 years old, during the recording of this album. The album involves the most of the productions from his cousin C-Loc.


The album's artwork was designed by Pen and Pixel Graphics. The company's design art compares with other major New Orleans record labels; including Cash Money Records and No Limit Records, which those album art that they also created at the time.

Track listingEdit

1."Shout Out"Russell Lee1:52
2."Feel Lucky ft. Max Minelli"C-Loc3:42
3."It's Goin Down"Happy Perez3:36
4."Pop It On Me ft. Max Minelli"C-Loc4:11
5."That Night"C-Loc3:54
6."I Thought Ya Knew"C-Loc3:50
7."It Don't Matta ft. Concentration Camp"C-Loc3:51
8."Boosie II (Don't Forget It)"Happy Perez3:18
9."Same Ol Shit ft. Max Minelli"Happy Perez3:37
10."Watch Em' ft. Max Minelli & C-Loc"C-Loc3:12
11."Young Niggaz ft. Donkey"C-Loc3:24
12."My Life"C-Loc3:44
13."I Got Dat Slap ft. Max Minelli"Russell Lee4:22
14."Boosie II (Radio)"Happy Perez3:10
15."Pop It (Radio)"C-Loc3:51


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