Young Communist League of Greece

Young Communist League of Greece (Greek: Oμοσπονδία Kομμουνιστικών Nεολαιών Eλλάδας; OKNE) was the youth wing of the Communist Party of Greece. OKNE was founded on November 28, 1922. The journal I Neolaia (Η ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑ) became the official organ of OKNE.[1] OKNE was a section of the Communist Youth International.[2] Nikolaos Zachariadis became the leader of OKNE in 1924.[3] In 1925, OKNE was banned by the Greek authorities, along with the Communist Party itself and all its affiliated organizations.[1]

Young Communist League of Greece
FoundedNovember 1922
Merged intoEPON
Mother partyKKE
International affiliationYoung Communist International

In 1943 OKNE was replaced by another youth organization, the United Panhellenic Organization of Youth (EPON).[1]

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