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Youjiang Zhuang, named after the Youjiang River in Guangxi, China, is a Northern Tai or Zhuang Language spoken in Tiandong County, Tianyang County, parts of the Youjiang District in Baise, Guangxi.

Youjiang Zhuang
Native toChina
Native speakers
870,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3zyj


History and classificationEdit

Native speakers refer to the language as Gangjdoj, which means the local language.

André-Georges Haudricourt in 1956 included the language of Tianzhou, the county seat of Tiangyang under Dioi, his name for Northern Zhuang.[3]

Based in data from the 1950's Guangxi Zhuang lanuage survey, Tiandong, Tianyang and a suburb of Baise City, were grouped together. This grouping was sometimes called Tianyangnese (Chinese:田阳音系). In the 1999 A Study of Zhuang Dialects this group was referred to as the Youjiang language (Chinese:右江土语),[4] and in 2007 Youjiang Zhuang was added as a separate language to ethnologue.


Youjiang Zhuang has 10 tones, and can be considered as having 20 initials and 83 finals, though some speakers pronounce the initials /ʔb/ and /ʔd/ as /m/ and /n/ respectively.[5]

Writing SystemEdit

Youjiang Zhuang has two main writing systems characters and romanization.


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