Youcef Zighoud

Youcef Zighoud (Arabic: يوسف زيغود February 18, 1921 – September 25, 1956), also known as Colonel Si Ahmed, was an Algerian FLN party fighter during the Algerian War. On August 20, 1955, he planned a resistance and struggle against the French occupation in Philippeville (currently called Skikda) and surroundings, which led 123 French soldiers to death[citation needed]. That resistance led to harsh crackdown and repression that caused (officially) 1,239 dead in the Algerian side, and (unofficially) 12,000 according to the FLN party. Zighoud, from whom the town of Zighoud Youcef takes its name, was killed in Sidi Mezghiche during a clash with the French Army.

Youcef Zighoud
Zighout Youcef.jpg
portrait of Youcef Zighoud
Born(1921-02-18)February 18, 1921
DiedSeptember 25, 1956(1956-09-25) (aged 35)
Other namesيوسف زيغود
Known forParty fighter during the Algerian War


Zighoud attended the Quranic school after leaving a French primary school.[citation needed]

At the age of 17, Zighoud joined the Algerian People Party (PPA), becoming a local official in Smendou in 1938.[citation needed] After being elected in the Movement of Triumph of Democratic Liberties (MTLD) in 1947, he took part of the Special Organization (OS), which was called to prepare all essential requirements to the Armed Struggle, after the total fail of the Pacific way. Arrested in 1950 by French Colonial Police after discovering the (OS), he was sued and thrown in jail in Annaba from which he escaped and joined outlaw way. He also engaged the military action of Unity and Working Revolutionary Committee (CRUA) since its creation.

On the November 1, 1954 he was with Didouche Mourad, North Constantine area responsible that became Wilaya II of Army of National Liberation (ALN). Youcef Zighoud took part with Mourad on January 18, 1955, of the Oued Boukerker's battle in which Mourad was killed. Youcef Zighoud took his place at the head of Wilaya II.[citation needed]

It's in this tenure that he organized and directed the famous August 20, 1955's struggle, “the bloodbath of Constantine region” that was firmly condemned by the FLN head command. A year after, day by day on August 20, 1956, he took part the Soummam congress where all organic and political structures of November's revolution were set up.

Zighoud Youcef, who was one of the congress founders, was appointed a member of National Council of the Algerian Revolution (CNRA), and was promoted colonel of National Liberation Army (ALN); and assumed command of the "Wilaya II". Soon after, he joined again his battle station and started applying Congress decisions.

On September 25, 1956, Zighoud Youcef was killed during an explicative and organizational tour of his units by a French ambush in Sidi Mezghiche (Wilaya of Skikda) at the age of 35.[citation needed]

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