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Yosra El Lozy (Arabic: يسرا اللوزى‎, IPA: [ˈjosɾˤɑ lˈloːzi]), is an Egyptian actress. She has received many awards from regional and international film festivals. She has won various awards for her acting in Qobolat Masrouqa (2008), Bel Alwan El Tabeaya (2009), Heliopolis (2010) and Microphone (2011). She has also provided voice dubbing in Arabic for several films and television series.[1]

Yosra El Lozy
يسرا اللوزى
Yosra Mahmoud El Lozy

(1985-08-08) August 8, 1985 (age 34)
OccupationBallerina, Actress and Television Personality
Years active2004–present
Height5 ft 6.5 in (1.69 m)


Early Life and familyEdit

Yosra was born in 1985 to an Egyptian father and a Syrian mother. She majored in Political Science at AUC and minoring in Theatre and Modern History. She has acted in many AUC Theatre productions such as “A Silly Goose”, “The Sultan’s Dilemma”, “Sulayman EL Halabi” and the “Reader”.[2]


Her professional acting debut was with director Youssef Chahine in Alexandria... New York where she played the role of young Ginger while she was only sixteen years old. Many critics argue that having a movie by the legendary Youssef Chahine on her resume is a responsibility and should have other respectable movies to follow[2]

Of course that was a great experience I was 16 years old when I made “Alexandria New York” and my parents had to be very supportive, thank God they were. I decided to focus on my studies the four years that followed this movie but I didn’t mind taking a few looks at some scripts, unfortunately nothing was tempting. When I was offered the role in “Bel Alwan El Tabeeya”, I couldn’t believe that Osama Fawzy chose me when he saw “Alexandria New York”, that proves the theory wrong of when an actor is off-screen for a long time he is forgotten. An actor is chosen if he fits into the role not because he is seen a lot on screens and I want people to choose me for that purpose not because I look good. I didn’t become an actress to be around flashlights, that’s not me; I act for the pleasure of it

With roles in “Stolen Kisses” and “Bel Alwan El Tabeaya” alongside her young fellow actors, Yosra believes that her generation is filled with young cinematic potential that will rise full force to introduce a new generation of Egyptian film. She said that her generation is fed up with the same old plots and techniques, they don’t want the story of girl meets a boy with the soundtrack in the background.

In "Bel Alwan El Tabeaya", Yosra played the role of a girl who suffers from an inner conflict and is indecisive on choosing between the guy she loves and her religious beliefs. Her character reflects a number of young women in our society who face daily tribulations thinking about the right path to take in their lives,

In 2009, she shared the experience of acting in independent movies and appeared in ‘Heliopolis’ by young director Ahmed Abdallah alongside Khaled Abol Naga, Hanan Motawie and Hany Adel. This year, the cast of ‘Heliopolis’ is gathered on set once more to bring us ‘Microphone’ a co-production between Mohamed Hefzy and Khaled Abo El Naga, which was awarded Best Arab Movie at Cairo International Film Festival and the Tanit d'or at the Carthage Film Festival.

In 2010, Yosra appeared in some smaller parts on TV and cinema, She has earned her some major parts on TV series like “Al Gamaa (TV series)” when she played Cherine, a patriotic TV presenter in which was the talk of the Arab Region, due to its great production quality, well-written plot and controversy. She also appeared in the award-winning film “Microphone” by young director Ahmed Abdallah as well as the romantic comedy “Ezaet Hob” alongside Menna Shalabi, that was released in 2011. Yosra is playing ‘Farida’, a hip energetic girl who is the total opposite of her conservative best friend Leila played by Menna Shalabi who tries to find love throughout the movie,

"I liked the plot a lot as we want to prove that friends don’t have to share the same views to be close. I have friends who would go to the beach wearing a swimsuit and I have others who don’t wear one as they’re more conservative, but at the end, all of us are in the same group and we all get together and know how to have a good conversation”, Yosra explains. “The movie also tackles the high tech communication via Blackberry and Facebook and how they interfere in romantic relationships, which resulted in some very funny scenes".

Personal lifeEdit

After five years of marriage, she gave birth to her only daughter Dalilah in 2014.[3] Yosra rejected many roles after giving birth to her baby girl. She only consent to X Factor program because she can escort Delilah with her on the bus (caravan) so she can breastfeed her as the crew was very understanding.[4]

Political viewsEdit

Yosra describes herself as Nasserist.[citation needed] She has participated in many demonstrations. One of them was because of Lebanese civil war as she demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Egypt.[5]

In 2011, she participated in the Egyptian revolution that toppled late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. She said in a street interview that there is a corrupt system and we should be all against it whether we were rich or poor.[6]


Year Film Translation Notes
2004 Iskendria..New York Alexandria..New York The film screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival
2008 Qobolat Masrouqa Stolen Kisses Won— Best actress from Alexandria International Film Festival[7]
Won— Horeyyaty Magazine Award
2009 Bel Alwan El Tabeaya True Colours Won— Best actress from International Film Festival Rotterdam [8]
2009 Bas fi haga Na'sa Missed Something Documentary Film
2010 Heliopolis Heliopolis Won— Best First Screenplay Award from Sawiris Foundation
Won— Best actress Cairo International Film Festival
Won— Best actress Alexandria International Film Festival[9]
Nominated— Middle East International Film Festival
Nominated— Toronto International Film Festival
Nominated— Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece

Nominated— Vancouver International Film Festival

Nominated— International Film Festival of Marrakech in Morocco
Nominated— Festival International du Film d'Amour de Mons in Brussels, Belgium
Nominated— International Film Festival of Kerala
2010 El Ostaz Ehsan Mr. Ehsan
2010 Sehr El Eshq The Charming of Love
2010 Noqtat An-Nour Point of Enlightenment
2011 Microphone Microphone Won— Best First Screenplay Award from Sawiris Foundation
Won— Best Arabic-language film Award from Cairo International Film Festival [10][11]
Won— Best Film from Alexandria International Film Festival[12]
Won— Tanit d'or from Journées cinématographiques de Carthage
Won— Best Editing Award from Dubai International Film Festival
Nominated— Toronto International Film Festival
Nominated— London International Film Festival
Nominated— Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Nominated— International Film Festival of Marrakech in Morocco
Nominated— Festival International du Film d'Amour de Mons in Brussels, Belgium
Nominated— International Film Festival of Kerala
2011 El Markeb The Boat[13]
2011 Izaet Hob Love Radio[14]
2012 Banat El 'Am Sisters In Law
2013 Hatooli Ragel I Need A Man
2016 El Haram El Rabea [15] The Fourth Pyramid
2016 Hassan Wa Bo'loz Hassan And Bo'loz
2017 Akhlaa Elabid Slaves' Manners
Year Title Translation Role
2009 Khas Gidan So Private
2010 Tesonamy Tesonamy
2010 El-Gamaa'a The Group Cherine
2010 Lahazat Harega II Critical Moments (Part 2) Shaza
2011 Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali
2011 Embratoreyet Meem M Empire
2012 Vertigo Vertigo Nadia
2012 Lahazat Harega III Critical Moments (Part 3) Shaza
2012 Khotoot Hamraa Red Lines
2013 Adam Wa Gamila Adam & Gamila Gamila
2014 Dahsha Surprise Nema El Pasha
2015 Lahfa Lahfa Herself "Guest of honour" [16]
2016 Banat Superman Superman's Daughters ِAya


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