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Yosef Elboim (Heb: הרב יוסף אלבוים) is a rabbinical authority on the issues of the Temple Mount and a leading figure in the movement to rebuild the Temple (heb: התנועה לכינון המקדש).[1] As the founder and head of the Movement for the Establishment of the Temple, he has led that group's efforts to prepare for a Third Temple, including the creation of the priestly garments and sacrificial instruments which have not been made since the Destruction of Jerusalem.[2]


Yosef Elboim

He is considered "a leading proponent of going up to the Mount."[3] In 2009, rare footage of Elboim with a group of Haredi Jews was publicized on a visit to the Temple Mount. Elboim had to defend himself by denying that he knew he was being filmed and that he did not want to make a provocation (within the Haredi community which does not condone visiting the Temple Mount).[4]


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