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"Where Were You Last Night" is a 1989 single and song performed by Swedish singer Ankie Bagger from the 1989 album Where Were You Last Night. The song was written by Norell Oson Bard.

"Where Were You Last Night"
Single by Ankie Bagger
from the album Where Were You Last Night
Genredance-pop, Hi-NRG
Songwriter(s)Norell Oson Bard


Chart performanceEdit

The song entered Swedish Trackslistan on 11 November 1989 and stayed on the chart for 6 weeks peaking at #4.

Wink versionEdit

"Yoru ni Hagurete (Where Were You Last Night)"
Single by Wink
ReleasedJuly 4, 1990
Songwriter(s)Norell Oson Bard
Wink singles chronology
"Sexy Music"
"Yoru ni Hagurete (Where Were You Last Night)"
"New Moon ni Aimashō"

"夜にはぐれて (Where Were You Last Night)" (aka "Yoru ni Hagurete (Where Were You Last Night)") was Wink's eighth single. It was released in July 1990 with a CD catalog number PSDR-1010, and cassette tape catalog number PSSR-1010.

This was a cover originally sung by Ankie Bagger. Japanese lyrics by Neko OIKAWA.

Track listingEdit

  1. 夜にはぐれて (Where Were You Last Night) / Yoru ni Hagurete (Where Were You Last Night)
  2. 想い出までそばにいて (Welcome to the edge) / Omoide made Soba ni Ite (Welcome To The Edge)