Yorke Peninsula Council

The Yorke Peninsula Council is a local government area in South Australia. Its boundaries include most of the Yorke Peninsula. The council seat is at Maitland; the council also maintains branch offices at Minlaton, Warooka and Yorketown.[7]

Yorke Peninsula Council
South Australia
Yorke Peninsula LGA.png
Location of the Yorke Peninsula Council
Council branch office at Minlaton
CoordinatesCoordinates: 35°13′26″S 138°24′07″E / 35.2239°S 138.402°E / -35.2239; 138.402
Population11,056 (2016 Census)[1]
 • Density1.89510/km2 (4.9083/sq mi)
Established10 February 1997[2]:824
Area5,834 km2 (2,252.5 sq mi)
MayorDarren Braund[3]
Council seatMaitland
RegionYorke and Mid North[4]
State electorate(s)Narungga[5]
Yorke Peninsula Council logo.png
WebsiteYorke Peninsula Council
LGAs around Yorke Peninsula Council:
Copper Coast[6] Barunga West
Spencer Gulf[6] Yorke Peninsula Council Gulf St Vincent[6]
Investigator Strait[6]


It came into existence on 10 February 1997 as a result of the amalgamation of the District Council of Central Yorke Peninsula, the District Council of Minlaton, the District Council of Warooka and the District Council of Yorketown.[2]:824 It was named as the District Council of Yorke Peninsula at its inception, but was renamed to Yorke Peninsula Council in 2013.[2]:823[8]


Yorke Peninsula Council includes the towns and localities of:[9]


Ward Councillor Notes
Mayor[3]   Darren Braund
Gum Flat[3]   Naomi Bittner
  Leanne O'Brien
  Jeffrey Cook
Innes Pentonvale[3]   Adam Meyer
  Kristin Murdock
  Anthony Bennett
  John Rich
Kalkabury[3]   Tania Stock
  Richard Carruthers
  Roger Johns
  David Langford


The Yorke Peninsula Council has a directly-elected mayor.[8][10]

  • Thomas Malcolm Thomson (1997-2000)[11]
  • Robert Lloyd Schulze (2000-2006) [12]
  • Ray Agnew (2006-2018) [13]
  • Darren Braund (2018 - current)[3]

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