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Yongkang District (Chinese: 永康區; pinyin: Yǒngkāng Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Éng-khong Khu) is a district in Tainan, Taiwan.


Skyline of Yongkang
Yongkang District in Tainan City
Yongkang District in Tainan City
Yongkang is located in Taiwan
Yongkang District in Tainan City
Coordinates: 23°01′N 120°15′E / 23.017°N 120.250°E / 23.017; 120.250Coordinates: 23°01′N 120°15′E / 23.017°N 120.250°E / 23.017; 120.250
LocationTainan, Taiwan
 • District ChiefWang Jyun-ming (王峻明)
 • Total40 km2 (20 sq mi)
 (June 2018)
 • Total234,313
 • Density5,900/km2 (15,000/sq mi)
Yongkang District office



Due to the development of manufacturing and food-processing industries, Yongkang has become a migrant city since the 1970s, attracting many people from neighboring cities who now work and live in the city. Its population experienced a large increase during the 1970s, and Yongkang became the largest city in Tainan County in 1977.

In 1993 "Yongkang Township" was upgraded to “Yongkang City" since its population exceeded 150,000.[1]

Yongkang was formerly the largest city of Tainan County until it merged with Tainan City to form the new Tainan municipality and became Yongkang District on 25 December 2010.

Though the increase in population today is not as rapid as it was before, Yongkang still enjoys the steady growth envied by other cities or towns.

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The district consists of Wuwang, Wangliao, Yongkang, Puyuan, Daqiao, Wanghang, Wuzhu, Niaosong, Sanmin, Yanhang, Jiading, Dawan, Tungwan, Xiwan, Nanwan, Kunshan, Beiwan, Xinshu, Fuxing, Fuguo, Jianguo, Shenzhou, Xishi, Chenggong, Zhongxing, Shengli, Longtan, Guangfu, Yanzhou, Erwang, Liuge, Sange, Tungqiao, Ankang, Xiqiao, Shangding, Fuhua, Zhengjiang, Zhonghua, Beixing, Longpu, Yongming and Yanxing Village.[2]


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