Yollıg Khagan

Yollıg Khagan (Chinese: 伊然可汗; pinyin: Yīrán Kèhán, personal name: Chinese: 阿史那伊然; pinyin: Āshǐnà Yīrán; 734–739?)[1] was the fifth ruler of the Second Turkic Khaganate.[2]

Yollıg Khagan
Fifth Qaghan of the Second Turkic Khaganate
PredecessorBilge Qaghan
SuccessorTengri Qaghan
BornAshina Yiran
SpouseYusaifu (餘塞匐)
FatherBilge Qaghan
MotherPo Beg

He was Bilge Khagan's son. Besides being author of Orkhon Inscriptions, nothing much is known about him. His wife Yusaifu left for Tang after 744.[3]


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Yollıg Khagan
Preceded by
Bilge Khagan
Khagan of the Second Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Tengri Qaghan