Yogya Kembali Monument

Monumen Yogya Kembali (Monument to the Recapture of Yogyakarta), known colloquially as Monjali,[1] is a pyramid-shaped museum dedicated to the Indonesian National Revolution located in the Ngaglik sub-district, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.[2]

Monument to the Recapture of Yogyakarta
Native name
Indonesian: Monumen Yogya Kembali
Monumen Jogja Kembali panorama.jpg
Monumen Yogya Kembali, also known as Monjali
LocationNgaglik, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta
Coordinates7°44′58″S 110°22′11″E / 7.749577°S 110.369599°E / -7.749577; 110.369599Coordinates: 7°44′58″S 110°22′11″E / 7.749577°S 110.369599°E / -7.749577; 110.369599
Yogya Kembali Monument is located in Java
Yogya Kembali Monument
Location of Monument to the Recapture of Yogyakarta in Java

Exhibits include 10 dioramas of key moments in the revolution, artifacts left over from the colonial period and revolution, a list of 420 revolutionaries who were killed between 19 December 1948 and 29 June 1949, as well as a silent memorial room.[3]

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  1. ^ Monjali being an acronym from the usage of Monumen Jogja Kembali a specific reference to the spelling in use at the time of the 1948-1949 events memorialised by this museum
  2. ^ It was formally opened on 29 June 1985 - http://blog.re.or.id/sejarah-singkat-monumen-yogya-kembali.htm
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