Ymar of Reculver (died c.830) was an Anglo-Saxon saint.

Saint Ymar of Reculver
Diedc. 830
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Anglican Communion
Feast12 November[1]
Ymar is also the name of one of the Cthulhu Mythos celestial bodies.

A Benedictine monk of Reculver, Ymar was killed by Danish warriors.[1] His name may be the source of the toponym Margate.[2] A legend states that he had a dying wish to be buried in St Johns Parish Church in Margate.[citation needed] Sometime before 1407 the body of St Ymar was brought from Reculver, where he had been a monk, and buried in St John's.[3] Tradition insists that an old stone coffin lid at that church is his.[4]


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