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Yichang Yangtze River Highway Bridge

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The Yichang Yangtze River Highway Bridge (simplified Chinese: 宜昌长江公路大桥; traditional Chinese: 宜昌長江公路大橋; pinyin: Yíchāng Changjiang Gonglu Dàqiáo) is a suspension bridge that crosses the Yangtze River some 20 km downstream from the center city of Yichang, China. It is located within the prefecture-level city of Yichang, and carries the G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway.[2]

Yichang Bridge

Yichang Yangtze Highway Bridge 2.jpg
Coordinates30°34′11″N 111°23′30″E / 30.569601°N 111.391536°E / 30.569601; 111.391536Coordinates: 30°34′11″N 111°23′30″E / 30.569601°N 111.391536°E / 30.569601; 111.391536
CarriesG50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway
CrossesYangtze River
Official nameYichang Highway Bridge (宜昌长江公路大桥)
Designsuspension bridge
Total length1,187 metres (3,894 ft)
Longest span960 metres (3,150 ft)[1]
Construction startFebruary 19, 1998[2]
Construction end2001[1]
OpenedSeptember 19, 2001[2]
Yichang Bridge is located in Hubei
Yichang Bridge
Yichang Bridge
Location in Hubei

The construction of the bridge started on February 19, 1998.,[2] and it was open for traffic on September 19, 2001.[2]

It has a main span of 960 meters (3,150 feet). As of 2012, it is among the 30 longest suspension bridges, based on the length of the main span.

The cost of building the bridge was reported as 895 million yuan.[2]

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