Yevgeny Grishin (water polo)

Yevgeny Borisovich Grishin (Russian: Евгений Борисович Гришин, born 1 October 1959) is a retired Russian water polo defender. He was part of the Soviet teams that won gold medals at the 1980 Olympics, 1982 World Championships and 1983 and 1985 European championships and placed third at the 1986 World Championships and 1988 Olympics. Grishin was coached by his father Boris, who is also a retired Olympic water polo defender.[1] His mother Valentina and sister Yelena are Olympic fencers.[2]

Yevgeny Grishin
Yevgeny Grishin and István Szívós 1980b.jpg
Grishin (left) at the 1980 Olympics
Personal information
Born1 October 1959 (1959-10) (age 61)
Moscow, Russia
Height189 cm (6 ft 2 in)
Weight93 kg (205 lb)
SportWater polo
ClubDynamo Moscow

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