Yeni Mosque, Mytilene

The Yeni Mosque (Greek: Γενί Τζαμί, from Turkish: Yeni Camii, "New Mosque") is a historical Ottoman mosque in Mytilini on the island Lesbos of Greece.

Yeni Mosque
Γενί Τζαμί
Yeni Cami - Lesbos 02.jpg
Porticoed entrance porch of the mosque
Branch/traditionSunni Islam
LocationMytilene, Lesbos, Greece
Yeni Mosque, Mytilene is located in Greece
Yeni Mosque, Mytilene
Shown within Greece
Geographic coordinates39°06′40″N 26°33′11″E / 39.11111°N 26.55306°E / 39.11111; 26.55306Coordinates: 39°06′40″N 26°33′11″E / 39.11111°N 26.55306°E / 39.11111; 26.55306
Date established1825


The mosque is on Ermou street in Epano Skala, the old Turkish neighborhood of Mytilene, at the center of the old Turkish market.[1] Epano Skala is located to the north of the modern city center and west of the old harbor.

History and architectureEdit

Lesbos (Turkish: Midilli) was under Ottoman rule between 1462-1912 and had a considerable Muslim population. The mosque was commissioned by the local governor (nazır), Kulaksızzade Mustafa Ağa, ca. 1825. In addition, a medrese (Muslim monastery) commissioned by Hacı Muhammed was built in the yard of the mosque, while the mufti's residence was built on the northern side of the yard.[1][2] The structure is built of stone, with a brick domed roof, combining elements of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.[1]

After the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in the early 1920s, the Turkish population left the city and the mosque lost its community. Although the mosque was neglected for the remaining years, 35 volunteers, members of Aeolistas civil initiative group, cleaned the mosque in 2011.[3] Presently, mayor Spiros Galinos promises to restore the mosque by using EU funds.[4]


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