The Unity Cup is an association football competition run by the Yemen Football Association (YFA). It initially started in the 1997-98 season and played for two years before being put on hold. The competition was added back to the Yemeni football calendar in 2004, again stopped but brought back in 2007 and has been played every season ever since.

Finals Edit

Season Winner Score Runner-up
1997/98 Al-Wahda (San'a') 2-1 Al-Shula
1999 Al-Tilal 1-1
(5-3 penalties)
Al Ahli San'a'
2004 Al Ahli San'a' 5-1 Al-Hilal Al-Sahili
2007 FC May 22 1-0 Al-Saqr
2008 Al-Saqr 1-1
(7-6 penalties)
Al-Hilal Al-Sahili
2009 Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut 1-1
(4-2 penalties)
Al-Wahda (San'a')
2010 Al-Saqr 1-0 Shabab Al Baydaa
2011 Suspended due to political crisis

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