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Yellow Caesar is a 1941 propaganda film produced by Ealing Studios and Michael Balcon and directed by Alberto Cavalcanti. One of the writers was a young Michael Foot, who later become a Labour MP and party leader.[1]

Yellow Caesar
Directed byAlberto Cavalcanti
Written byAdrian Brunel
Michael Foot
Music byWalter Leigh
CinematographyJohn Taylor
Edited byCharles Crichton
Release date
  • 1941 (1941)
Running time
24 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


Billing itself as an 'assessment' of the life and rise to power of the self-styled Il Duce, Yellow Caesar was an unusually direct piece of agit-prop, probably the most striking of the many propaganda shorts released by Ealing during WWII.[2] The film looks at the life of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, tracing his years as a trade unionist thug and his role as a fascist demagogue.[3]


Whilst generally well received by British audiences, there were doubts about the film's reception in neutral Eire, where censors had previously refused to pass Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator.[4]


  • Douglas Byng – English Sympathiser
  • Marcel King – Mussolini (voice)
  • Sam Lee – Mussolini (voice)
  • Lito Masconas - Radio Announcer
  • Max Spiro - Mussolini (voice)
  • Feliks Topolski – Cartoonist
  • Jack Warrock - Mussolini (voice)


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