Yekaterinoslav Viceroyalty

The Ekaterinoslav Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire was created on 26 March 1783 by merging the Novorossiya Governorate and Azov Governorate. On 31 December 1796, it was incorporated into the re-established Novorossiya Governorate.

Ekaterinoslav Viceroyalty
Viceroyalty of Russian Empire
Coat of arms of Ekaterinoslav
Coat of arms
Map of Yekaterinoslav Namestnichestvo 1796 (small atlas).jpg
CapitalKremenchug (1783), Ekaterinoslav (1789-1796)
• Established
March 26 1783
• Disestablished
December 31 1796
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Novorossiya Governorate
Azov Governorate
Novorossiya Governorate
Today part ofUkraine

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